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Abercrombie and Kent River Cruises
Cruise Line Review

In 2014, Abercrombie & Kent, one of the world's best known brands for deluxe small group travel introduced 9 exciting river cruise trips in Europe.

Their name, A&K is almost iconic. It inspires thoughts of idyllic African safaris where you camp alongside the Mara River in Kenya, or a wild animal photographic safari in Botswana... And, now A&K is bringing their world-renowned travel expertise to a new series of European river cruise journeys. You'll enjoy the same trademark amenities they are so famous for while reveling in their exclusive, small group trips aboard state-of-the-art, luxurious riverboats.

Their new series of small group (Just 24 lucky guests per group!) luxury river cruises will sail along the Rhine, Main, Danube and of course, the Rhone and Saone rivers of Burgundy and Provence.

The Abercrombie & Kent river cruise experience promises to be like no other river cruise trip!
Why? The cruise itself, plus the intimate, in-depth shore experience they are so famous for providing! Here's a glimpse of what will make each and every one of their cruises a unique vacation:

A&K and Amadeus River Cruises.
The A&K experience will be different because they're not on ships owned or operated by A&K. The ships are operated and staffed by one of the world's finest, family-owned, river cruise lines — Amadeus River Cruises. Amadeus is noted for the quality of their ships, their staff, and their cuisine, and we guarantee you'll enjoy every minute while onboard one of their fabulous vessels. A&K's groups will delight in exploring any one of these fine ships: the Brilliant, Silver II or the new Symphony.

Dedicated A&K Tour Directors.
From the moment you board ship to the moment you fly home, your journey is actually overseen by a dedicated A&K Tour Director who will be with you at all times.

You'll travel in style with just 23 other like-minded guests.
Knowing A&K as we do (we've taken a safari with them before), the significant and distinguishing difference between them and all the other river cruise lines is their exclusive, individually-crafted shore excursions that allow you to truly connect and feel a part of the local people and their culture. When you disembark for every shore excursion, your A&K Tour Director will be waiting for you with a vehicle dedicated solely to just your small group, and your day of exploring will begin.

Because of the small group size, you'll gain access to unique onshore sightseeing experiences abounding with local venues and character that just are not available to larger groups. Imagine exploring local neighborhoods and markets where you actually meet local artisans, musicians and culinary experts along the way. You'll even enjoy a "family-style" lunch on private farms and/or in private homes with its residents. More A&K excursions include: an exclusive tour to Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna that features an apple strudel-making class before hand; a private tour of a World War II art bunker in Nuremberg; and a private bike tour along various river banks with your Tour Director. We can't name them all here, but you can be assured that there will be exclusive shore experiences at each and every stop, regardless of the European river cruise itinerary you select.

With only 24 guests to a group (which translates to a mere 12 cabins), you really need to act soon or 2015 will sell out before you can say, "A&K"!
Your Premier river cruise expert can answer all of your questions, and tell you more about Abercrombie and Kent and Amadeus River Cruises when you call. Don't forget to bookmark this page, as in the coming days we'll be adding more ship and itinerary details as they become available to the Premier Team. Bon voyage!

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