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American Cruise Lines
Cruise Line Review

2016/2017 Brochure

Now, let's take a look at their destinations... American Cruise Lines "Close to Home" Destinations.
American Cruise Lines offers some very up-close-and-personal visits to: the Maine Coast, New England, Chesapeake Bay, the historic South and Florida, Alaska's Inland Passage and, of course, paddle wheeling along the mighty Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers. In addition, they also offer steamboating along the incredible Columbia and Snake Rivers, and small ship cruises through the beautiful Puget Sound/San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest.

Imagine going to Alaska — not on a 3000+ passenger ship that must stay miles off shore — but on the beautiful sleek American Spirit which takes you so close to seals, orcas and other indigenous wildlife you could almost touch them. That's what we mean by seeing a destination "up close and personal."

If you haven't yet experienced Alaska, there's no better way to do it than on a small ship. Why? Here's what I mean... You've probably see many iconic images of the massive glaciers that surround Glacier Bay. Well, imagine yourself so close you could almost grab a piece of that glacier from the deck of your small ship. Then imagine seeing the same image through high-power binoculars if you're on one of the mega-ships that cannot even get all the way into Glacier Bay. Need we say more!

The Pacific Northwest.
Did you know that one of the least known river cruises in the world is the extraordinary journey following in the footsteps of American explorers Lewis and Clark along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Oh my gosh, if you love lush forests and majestic mountain ranges, then look no further than this cruise. You'll start in Portland, Oregon, one of the most exciiting cities in the Pacific Northwest and steamboat to Clarkston via the Columbia River. This cruise is definitely in competition with the landscapes and vistas you may have seen in the Grand Canyon region! All of these cruises are on the new, authentic paddlewheeler, the gorgeous and spacious Queen of the West or the brand new American Pride.

America's Heartland... the Mississippi Basin.
If you want something a bit more traditional, think about the Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio and Cumberland rivers that form the huge Mississipppi Basin of America's grand heartland. Along these magnificent rivers you can explore the rich history and traditions aboard the brand new paddlewheeler, the Queen of the Mississippi. These Mississippi Basin cruises conjur up memories of Mark Twain, the Civil War, the passage of America's pioneers, and the culture that is unique to the south. You can travel from Minneapolis to New Orleans in either direction and visit historic places like Memphis, Natchez, Vicksburg and, of course, New Orleans with all of its recent and past history, not to mention some of the best cuisine found anywhere in the States.

The Southeast Coastal Waterways.
If the mighty Mississippi is not for you, think about the Chesapeake Bay and those incredible oyster and crab dinners. What about something you've probably never even thought about? A fascinating East Coast or or mid-Atlantic Inland Passage waterways cruise exploring the ports and islands between Baltimore and Charleston. Are you an American history buff? These would be dream cruise for you! These Southeast Coastal cruises have it all. Among the ports of call you'll visit Annapolis, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, Norfolk, Kitty Hawk, Beaufort, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and of course, historic Charleston.

New England, the Maine Coast and the Hudson River.
American also provides intriguing small ship cruises along the Maine Coast (Their Fall Foliage cruises are NOT to be missed!) of the New England states. Don't forget to taste a scrumptious fresh-caught lobster roll or two (or three). And, let's not forget about the awesome Hudson River cruise from New York City. The scenery, ports and scenery is something to behold, especially in the Fall. By the way, if you're thinking about a Fall cruise, we have to warn you: For this year, Fall Foliage cruises are almost sold out... yes, and we're not kidding!

Bottom line, I guess what we're trying to say is that American Cruise Lines has some of the most rewarding North American cruise itineraries you could ever enjoy, most of which are only a short, convenient flight away from where you live.

The American Cruise Lines onboard experience.
So far, we've only talked about the riverboats and small ships, the great all-American crew, the itineraries and more. Now, it's time to get immersed in the onboard experience.

All of American's river and small ships are astounding. Start with a very relaxed and casual onboard atmosphere and end up with some of the plushest accommodations you'll ever enjoy on a cruise. In between are features such as complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres each night before dinner; complimentary wine and beer with lunch and dinner; the most delicious, regionally-inspired gourmet cuisine punctiliously served; open seating dining on all ships; the largest staterooms anywhere (300-600sf), many with private balconies; great lounges in which you can enjoy delightful, nightly live entertainment; beautiful sun decks, and more. To further enhance your cruise experience, each and every cruise provides local historians, riverlorians, naturalists or unique local experts who interact with guests on excursions and provide a wide variety of onboard lectures.

American Cruise Lines delivers remarkable itineraries on remarkable ships.
If you think you'd like to experience one of American's itinerary-intensive North American cruises, please book early or you'll have to wait for another year. We are not understating it when we write that their cruises are so popular, they often sell out almost a year or so in advance; this year promises to be the same.

If you're ready to book we encourage you to do so very soon as the best values are available right now, and as always Premier GUARANTEES the lowest price. Please call and speak with one of our river cruise experts to get the inside scoop on a truly remarkable experience and book your memorable American cruise vacation.

For complete cruise information, itineraries and pricing please call the United States and North American river cruise and small ship experts at Premier River Cruises, today... 855.255.1200 toll free, or email to

Bon Voyage... American-style!
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