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Blount Small Ship Adventures
Cruise Line Review

2017 Brochure

Go Casual. Go easy.
Go where the big ships cannot!

Blount small ship cruises have been going where the big ships cannot go for almost 45 years. Blount Small Ship Adventures is a family run cruise line that may be the most delightful casual small ship cruise lines still sailing in North America. For those who enjoyed sailing on the old Cruise West cruises, Blount is comparable to what the West family started many, many years ago.

You can enjoy a Blount small ship adventure to some of the most beautiful and storied places in the States and in the Caribbean. Blount travels in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, the Bahamas, the Mississippi Basin and Great Lakes. Along the East coast, enjoy these extraordinary small ship adventures via the Inland Waterway between Rhode Island and Florida, Classical Maine and New England and of course, the Hudson River and Erie Canal to the St. Lawrence Seaway. After reading the rest of this article, why not take a few minutes to enjoy the Blount' videos? Just click the "Video" button at the top of the page.

Blount is different by design, and is maybe the most laid-back, relaxed cruise vacation you could ever enjoy. Their unique ships offer a "bow ramp" designed specifically to allow you to easily enter or exit the ship on a sandy beach or other unique destination.

The size of the ships, each accommodating only 88 guests, means you'll never wait in line for anything. Because Blount is so focused on the destination experience, you'll be emersed in lectures and talks from noted experts and a very friendly crew. The all-American crew may be the best we've ever experienced at dishing out a warm sincere welcome, each and every day of your cruise. And, life on board is extremely social because you'll be among like-minded adverturers who appreciate the road less traveled.

The Blount ships' shallow draft enable them to take you to places almost no other ship can go. Imagine being on deck as you cruise up the Rio Dulce, off-limits to other ships, venturing ever more deeply into the surrounding lush jungles and rain forests. You're also sure to get a special kick out of watching the pilot house retract into the ship allowing you to sail the historic Erie Canal — definitely a waterway where no other ships can go!

If you're looking for a formal night or want to get dressed up, these cruises will disappoint you. Every cruise is a really cool, casual experience in every way, every day of your adventure.

Now.. the food — These are not "bare boat" cruises; they are full service and the food is sensational with a strong American slant. Using only the freshest of local ingredients, the daily menus change to reflect the local flavor and tastes of destinations you are experiencing. If you're a muffin person (I am), you'll be in heaven each morning as you delightedly munch on one of their large, freshly-baked Raspberry White Chocolat Chip Muffins or sample the delectable French Toast. Dinner? Some evenings it's freshly caught grilled lobsters, then there's the rack of lamb! Oh my. For dessert there are any number of decadent morsels to choose from including one of the best bread puddings you'll ever enjoy. So, what we are saying is that while the cruises are very casual, the cuisine is anything but casual... it is delectable!

While you'll enjoy complimentary wines, beers and soft drinks at lunch and dinner, you can also elect to bring aboard you own favorite spirits for that afternoon or after dinner cocktail. Blount encourages this and even supplies all the mixers and a fresh limes and lemons as well... just another aspect of the causual "feel at home" atmosphere you'll experience while on board.

We'd probably be somewhat negligent if we did'nt talk a bit about the accommodations you'll enjoy on one of these very unusual ships. We have to admit it, they are small. There, we've said it! The ships are designed for comfort, but are very utilitarian adventure ships. Much like early generation (Royal Caribbean) cruise ships, the idea is that you do not spend a great deal of time in the cabin. And, like early ocean-going cruise ships, most of the Blount cabins are pretty basic in design and size averaging between 80 to 110 square feet.

They are small. But, because you are in them so little, you'll find them fine for your cruise and equipped with every modern convenience necessary to comfortably enjoy your night's sleep while on one of Blount's extraordinary and unique small ship adventures.

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