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Crystal River Cruises
Cruise Line Review

2017-2018 Brochure

The Old News... In early 2015, we wrote about the entry of Crystal into the river cruise space in 2017. Just 45 days later... they announced that Crystal would enter the market in 2016! And, in 2017, there will be four new, purpose-built Crystal river ships, not two as previously announced.

The Very, Very New News.
The Crystal Mozart made her first voyage in mid-July to the delight of the guests and dignitaries on board. The Mozart will now be sailing the Danube River with roundtrip voyages out of Vienna.

We've also just learned that Crystal will alter its proposed launch schedule to satisfy current consumer demand. They will launch the Bach and Mahler in in June and August of 2017. These new, very contemporary 110 passenger river ships will be sailing innovative itineraries along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers. Crystal has decided to delay the launch of their ships in France for a couple of years.

After hearing the glowing comments from early cruises of the Mozart, Crystal has also decided to make some minor alterations in the design of the ships as well. While they will be full-size river ships at 443 meters which is the accepted standard for new ships, as noted above, Crystal will only carry 110 pampered guests. Even more unusual is the fact that there will be no staterooms on the lower of the three passenger decks. In fact, with Crystal's lower passenger compliment, they will only have staterooms and suites, all with balconies, on the top two decks of the ships.

It appears as though all the ships will feature many Crystal favorites including the Palm Court with its wonderful dance floor, regular suites at 220sf, deluxe suites at 250sf, and one two-bedroom suite at 750sf. Other familiar features to Crystal past guests are multiple dining venues, library, fitness center, spa, and sporting equipment such as electric-assisted bicycles.

The Crystal Experience.
Everyone at Premier has sailed on Crystal's ocean cruises. We've experienced, first-hand and up-close, the unmatched quality they offer to their ocean guests. Now, we can all eagerly anticipate the launch of Crystal's river yachts. For those of you looking to immerse yourselves in the totally unique, 6-star Crystal experience, please consider booking very early as we are seeing a significant level of demand for 2017 sailings. These new river gems will sell out very quickly.

With Crystal, not only will you enjoy the best of the best in the way of accommodations and cuisine. One of the things that our Premier team are really excited about is what Crystal will be doing with their onboard dining experience. We like to say that on all other river ships, "you eat," but on Crystal, "you dine." If you read between the words, we think you will understand that the dining experience aboard ANY of the new Crystal River ships will exceed the ordinary and your expectations as well.

One of our favorite things is that Crystal River Cruises will feature a "farm to table" approach to meal planning and the acquisition of almost all organic foods. Yes, they can and will do this, even in Europe. They will use vendors along the rivers so that there were be no need to use any frozen foods or pastries on any Crystal ship.

For those who enjoy variety, you'll have your choice of dining in the type of restaurant you prefer as the Mozart and new build river ships will feature 5 unique dining venues to please your pallet. Choose to enjoy the water view of the Bistro, just as it sounds, a French bistro, but one that features "regional street foods" and other specialties... and from what we heard, the best gelato of any river ships, and it's made on board.

At the aft portion of the ship, you'll find a very novel grill, simply called BLU. Located at the rear of the ship, BLU has slidding glass doors and it will be a very casual place for any meal. Another fun spot will be a pop-up bar located on the top (Sun) deck. Here you can enjoy your favorite libation or, check out their 100" flat screen TV where Crystal will air movies and live sporting events of interest.

In addition to BLU, you can also enjoy Michelin rated food onboard at the main dining room, the Waterside Grill. For a lighter, more casual meal you can also enjoy tapas at the Bistro or a perfectly brewed coffee and pastry at the Pantry. This is only a glimpse at what you can expect when you enjoy a Crystal River Cruise.

If you are a "foodie," we've saved one of the most dynamic elements of the Crystal experience until now. On each Crystal river cruise, every guest will have the opportunity to select and then enjoy diner off the ship at a Michelin "star rated" restaurant. To make it the ultimate guest dining experience, there will be a choice of restaurants in selected ports with only 12-14 lucky guests going to any one restaurant. Once you have deposited your cabin, you can actually go on line and pick the Michelin restaurant of your choice. Oh, wait a minute, we forgot to tell you that dining at one of the Michelin restaurants is INCLUDED in your cruise price.

One of the other truly unique things Crystal will do is own their own fleet of busses that will shadow your ship. In addition to the ease of travel that will create, these buses will have expresso machines, ;bathrooms and even WiFi for those who want to upload their unforgettable pictures to the Internet while touring. Speaking of staying connected, on the Crystal River ships' version of their successful Palm Court, you'll even be able to catch live U.S. sporting events, so (guys) no worries about that special game or your favorite team.

Here's a brief overview of what we know so far.
The first Crystal sailings have received
   incredible initial reviews
Bookings for 2017 cruises are selling briskly,
   please don't wait!
The Crystal river yachts will be as large
   as other river cruise ships
They will carry fewer guests, with Bach
   and Mahler at 110 and Mozart at only
   154, compared to 195 on Viking
The smallest stateroom will measure a
   very spacious 203 square feet.
Crystal's itineraries will feature a number
   of overnight stays
Crystal will include the opportunity for
   each guest to dine off the ship in a Michelin
   1-2 Star restaurant
Crystal will offer a minimum of FOUR included
   excusions at each port visited
Crystal will use their yachts for pre or post
   stays rather than hotels
Crystal river yachts will feature up to five unique, Michelin quality dining venues
Crystal river yachts will offer room service and butler service
Crystal river yachts will highlight various enrichment programs

The Premier Team has a long-standing relationship with Crystal. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently as we will continually update it with new information released by Crystal.

We anticipate that Crystal river yacht voyages will be one of the most demanded trips of 2017, so please reach out to Premier team soon. We have special exclusive offers and the experience to truly help you maximize your vacation dollar and maximize your enjoyment of your first Crystal River Cruise.

Thank you and bon voyage,

Rick Kaplan
Premier River Cruises
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