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Explore the world's greatest rivers in grand
comfort on a Viking "Long Ship."

2018 Brochure

2017 Brochure

Any Viking river cruise is a wonderful experience and an excellent value.
If you're reading this introduction to Viking River Cruises, you've probably never before taken a river cruise. But, you've probably heard of Viking River Cruises from a friend, through their many TV and internet ads, or a brochure sent to your home. If so, you now have a good idea of how appealing and affordable a Viking river cruise can be... the only thing you may not know is how exciting, informative and fun they are.

Is a Viking River cruise the one you should book?
Ultimately, that will be up to you, and our very experienced Premier team is here to assist you with that decision. What we try to do throughout our website is to objectively review every river cruise line offering and tell you about their culture, product delivery, ships and overall cruise experience. The same goes for Viking. Please read this review and take look at the Viking videos. After that, it is then best to call or email one of our river cruise experts (All agents have at least 20 years of cruise experience.) We can talk with you and learn about your needs, wants, desires and your past travel experiences. As we glean the answers to those questions from you, it wll be easy to determine if a Viking river cruise is the perfect match for you.

The decision-making process becomes even easier, when you consider their overall product quality, cruise destinations, and our special Viking offers. With its great lineage from the fabled ocean cruise line, Royal Viking Line, Viking is the largest river cruise line in the world sailing the greatest rivers in Europe, Russia, China, and their Mekong River cruise itinerary in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Viking River Cruises' "long ship" concept is a winner!
If you're an ardent follower of Viking, or even a new river cruise candidate, you may know that in 2013, Viking introduced their new, state-of-the-art 190-passenger "Long Ship" concept in Europe. These new, very contemporarily-designed ships sold out faster than we've ever seen any ship sell. Since then, due to very high demand, Viking has launched about 50 more "Long Ships" throughout Europe along the Rhine and Danube Rivers. To ply Portugal's enchanting Douro River and France's Seine, Rhone/Saone, and Dordogne rivers, they launched slightly smaller long-ship versions which maneuver better on these picturesque rivers. On Germany's fabled Elbe River, whose water level can really get low, Viking launched two, shallow-draft "Long Ships" to specifically sail that river. Wow; they have great ships for every river! If you're curious about the basic long-ship design, take a look at this Long Ship Deck Plan.

As of 2017, Viking will operate more than 75 remarkable, very comfortable, non-smoking "Long Ships" that are reflective of their Scandinavian heritage. You could describe the ships as "minimalist" in their design, as it is not over the top with "bling" as are some ships. The long ships have an open, airy design with an easy-to-manage flow. We find them to really be a great deal more beautiful and much warmer than any of Viking's or our Premier images show. During a recent visit on board the Heimdal which does the Rhone and Saone rivers of France, we had more time to explore the vessel and were delighted with some of the recent changes to the furnishings and decor. To be candid, the use of woods, fabrics and light colors is really well done, and very easy on the eye.

All of the public areas are understated, but rich woods do give the ships a very nice, warm feeling that transcends simple scandinavian decor. The dining room and lounge are striking, and while they don't offer too many tables for two (by design) they are extremely comfortable and the view is enhanced with truly large, almost floor-to-ceiling windows which — during breakfast and lunch — brighten the room and allow you to view the many enchanting riverscapes.

Our favorite design element (unique to Viking), is how they use their Aquavit Terrace. It is located in front of the main lounge and serves as an alternate dining venue for all three meals and snacks. With ample indoor and delightful outdoor seating, Viking truly manages this room in the correct way, probably better than almost any other river cruise line. Unlike other ships, you can ejoy the Aquavit Terrace without all of the clutter and nautical gear found at the front of most other river ships. It truly is a big, big plus for Viking and we encourage you to enjoy a lighter meal and/or snacks on the Terrace. Many of our returning guests enjoy the fact that it is even more casual than the dining room and that you can even order items from the dining room menu, served to you by their wonderful wait staff on the "Terrace."
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