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Customer Testimonials


Hi Scott and thank you and Premier for this incredible Compass Point Guide we received.  As you know, we are in our late 80's and taking our first river cruise on AmaWaterways in July (2018).  We just received your book and it is the BEST thing I have ever read in the way of preparing us to enjoy our cruise.  We have traveled a lot and no one has ever go to the level of detail to even tell us how/what to tip people during the land portions in the different countries.  This book is wonderful or as they say on T.V., priceless!
- Robert and Patricia, Dallas, TX (February 2020)

This is our fourth river cruise with AmaWaterways and we just cannot believe, this one was actually better than any of the last three. Now, don't take that wrong, the others were merely sensational, but this Douro cruise topped them all. The four of us did Ama's Lisbon package and the Barcelona package that Premier arranged. These two add-on trips were just perfect with great hotels and tours for both. The weather was great, the food sensational and oh yes, thanks for your Premier Thoughts on Lisbon and Barcelona. I love the fact that you helped us with local restaurants the Premier staff have tried, sure far better than the normal "tourist" joints. Thanks again, we'll be back on Ama soon.
— Gary and Debbie, Chicago, IL (August 2019)

As you know, I was talked into this river cruise, my first, but certainly not my last. I was apprehensive and did not like the idea of a "floating resort" vacation at all. BOY, was I wrong. From the moment Brenda and I boarded the beautiful AmaSerena, we were in shock and awe. The ship was breathtaking, our cabin splendid and the Ama staff were so, so accommodating. Since we love food and wine, you booked us on one of Ama's wine cruises and it did not disappoint at any turn in the river. Great, very informative tours, exceptional guides and great wine tastings. On board, the food which is really like fine cuisine was perfectly paired with wines of the region each night and could not have been better. These were like $$$$ meals in a four star restaurant, but included in our very reasonable price. Can't wait for more and we will most certainly use Premier without hesitation. Your expertise and guidance made this a perfect vacation for all, TY!
— Brenda and Tom, Charlotte, NC (June 2022)

I just want you to know my (solo) cruise on AmaWaterways was one of my most favorite trips EVER! I loved every minute of it and want to do more, more, more! The food was great, the destinations were fabulous, the ship was beautiful and the crew was lovely. I met lots of fun people, and had the absolute best birthday ever! I'm now a huge fan of river cruises and a big thank you to Premier for preparing me so well. Your CompassPoint Guide and other information was a big help, especially for a person like me who travels alone. Can't wait to go again.
— Barbara S., Encino, CA (May 2020)

We had a wonderful time. Everything worked like clockwork even with some challenging weather. AMA is just great, their food and service were fantastic. All the staff were wonderful and friendly. As you know, this is our first river cruise and you were right (Scott), their service levels are better than any resort we every enjoyed... and the food, unbelievable is the only way to describe it. We made lots of new friends, many of which will go with us in 2018 on the Rhine. I guess the only complaint we had was, it was only 7 days, not 14. Premier did a bang-up job and with your CompassPoint Guide and Thoughts, we were well prepared to maximize our time in Europe... thanks a bunch!
— Chris and Audrey, Hartford, CT (April 2021)

I am of German ancestry and I am very organized and somewhat demanding. After we talked about what I was looking for, you (Scott) suggested AmaWaterways. Now that we are back in Boise, I can say it was one of the best trips my wife and I have ever enjoyed. Premier prepared us and took care of every detail, even special seats on our flights. The staff, the service and tours were phenomenal. Food was excellent and crew on ship were really warm and helpful. The hotel (Corinthia) you suggested in Budapest was just the best and we loved their staff. Ready to go again.
— Claus and Janine, Boise, ID (August 2021)


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Ama guests enjoying a special dinner at the Erlebnis Table — renamed in 2015 as Chef's Table Restaurant. Bon appetit!