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FreeChoice = More Choices = More Enjoyment


Scenic River Cruises has the most comprehensive, “included” shore excursion program of any ocean or river cruise line!

The facts. Most river cruise lines provide a complimentary shore excursion in each port visited, generally a 4-hour walking or bus tour. Most “all inclusive” river cruise lines provide a similar 4-hour tour, and in some cases an alternative choice or, an extra cost, optional tour. This applies to all other “all inclusive” lines and includes the most well known luxury river cruise brands.

The Scenic Difference. Scenic offers guests a myriad of touring choices called Scenic FreeChoice. While we cannot list each of the more than 100 FreeChoice options (Yes. We counted them!), you'll find them mentioned in each of the cruise itineraries offered by Scenic on our website (Please check them out by clicking the Scenic itinerary names in the cruisGENIE cruise locator charts to read the day by day itinerary). There is no other cruise line that offers so many included tour choices.

Here are two examples of what we mean. The well known luxury brands provide a very nice 4-hour walking tour in Passau. In addition to this tour, Scenic also provides their guests the choice of going to Salzburg for the day or enjoying a day-trip to the fairytale medieval Czech town of Cesky Krumlov, one of the coolest places you’ll ever visit.

In Vienna, most lines provide a very comprehensive city tour centering on the river and the historic Ringstrasse District. It’s great and allows plenty of free time to enjoy a Sacher Tort and walk around the vast city. On Scenic, sure you can elect the same tour and tort, but what about the three other marvelous choices that may be more appealing to you...
You can visit Hofburg Palace and take in the Lipizzaner stallion’s morning exercise routine and then go behind the scenes at the Palace.
Or, enjoy a private guided tour of the Schonbrunn Palace and gardens;
Or, even go to Bratislava by train. Yep. We said take the day and tour Bratislava from Vienna by train with your guide…
The FreeChoice options are ALL included, and part of
what makes Scenic’s FreeChoice so extraordinary.


Oh yes, lest we forget something. On almost all itineraries, in addition to 100+ FreeChoice excursions, you can also choose to “shop with a Chef.” Join your ship’s chef as they visit local markets to sample the wares and shop for provisions. Great for us foodies.

Are you impressed? Now, take a moment to check out Scenic’s other touring component: Scenic Tailormade, a GPS-guided independent hand held device that allows you to go anywhere on your own with your own private “tour guide.”

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Al fresco dinner with a French family.