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For those who enjoy exploring on their own.


One of the most exciting attributes of any river cruise is that you enjoy much more time in port, far more than on a traditional ocean cruise.

For river cruisers, that means once your "included" shore excursion is over, you'll have extra time to explore the destination. On other river cruise lines you will be "on your own" to wander about, but on Scenic, this additional free time can be used to immerse youself even more in the destination.

Here's how another Scenic difference improves your experience. On every Scenic cruise, each guest can reap the benefits of Scenic's exclusive Tailormade GPS-guided independent hand-held touring device, about the size of an iPhone. This really "cool" tool (which is an upgraded version of what you've probably used to tour a museum), is loaded with self-guided tours for 116 European locations. The tours are self-paced and appeal to almost any interest: history, architecture, culture, local cuisine, art, and more. Tailormade in not in lieu of anything, but in addition to all the extraordinary FreeChoice tours offered on every Scenic river cruise.

With Tailormade, your personal GPS device delivers a convenient, relaxing and enjoyable form of enhanced independent exploration. Imagine touring on your own Amsterdam's canals and bridges or discover the influence of the Habsburgs in Vienna, or simply wander through Regensburg at your leisure listening to the stories of the greatest occupied castle in Germany.

If you are an art lover, the artistry of Europe is unveiled on the Van Gogh and Arts Trail tour through Arles and the Rembrandt tour through 17th century Amsterdam. Walk in the steps of Mozart through historical Vienna or discover the fascinating 4,000 year old history of Breisach surrounded by vineyards and 600 year old cellars.

Tailormade is simple to use. There are hundreds of tours to choose from, and it truly is a remarkable way to personalize your free time based on your personal interests and preferred pace. And, lest we forget, it is completely adaptable to being used while riding on one of Scenic's complimentary bicycles.

No other river cruise line provides anything like the 100+ shore excursions offered with Scenic's FreeChoice, and no other river cruise line has anything like Scenic's Tailormade touring. These are but two additional reasons that make Scenic the most all-inclusive river cruise line, and the river cruise line that provides the best overall destination experience of all river cruise lines.

Oh yes, lest we forget something available on almost all itineraries. In addition to 100+ FreeChoice excursions and the Tailormade tour options, you can also choose to “shop with a Chef.” Join your ship’s chef as they visit local markets to sample the wares and shop for provisions. Great for us foodies.

Are you impressed? Now, take a moment to check out Scenic’s other touring component: Scenic FreeChoice, optional tours to the usual basic tours and ALL choices are included in your river cruise package.”

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Scenic guests with their own personal Tailormade GPS Tour Guide device.