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Customer Testimonials


"We are avid ocean cruisers and this was our first river cruise. Glad Premier and Doug "persuaded" us into going on Tauck after speaking with us prior to our booking. Now, after going on Tauck, we may never take an ocean cruise again and all I can say is that you most certainly get those extra special touches with Tauck. This was not an inexpensive trip, but Sam and I really, really enjoyed ourselves and came home (just as you said Doug) without hardlly spending any money at all on the cruise. Tauck's 3 cruise directors were remarkable, the crew was amazing and their shore excursions were among the best we've ever taken. We particularily enjoyed the private dinner in the Castle and the private wine tasting with the winemaker was just super. Sam and I cannot thank Doug and Premier for their efforts and in particular, the Premier Thoughts on Amsterdam which were a life saver. We ate at two of the restuarnts you suggested, OMG, out of this world, especially, Blauw. You all (Premier) did a great job for us, even down to picking the right seats on our flights. Thanks for making this a special 40th anniversary trip, we'll be back soon."
— Dotty and Sam P., New York City, NY (June 2019)

"We knew going in we would be among the youngest on the trip. We enjoyed the tours, the bike rides and many of the features with this cruise. We've been on Windstar an Oceania as ocean cruises, but Tauck sure knows how to provide a remarkable touring experience and that's what we thought was at the heart of a great river cruise experience. The 3 Tauck guides were all amazing in their own ways. All the Tauck tours and the local guides were consistently excellent also. The pace of the tours really let us get to know the history of the area. The Tauck city guides all seemed to live and work in the cities that we were touring, so they seemed genuinely pleased to show off and talk abut their town. The highlights of our trip were Amsterdam bicycling and the river cruise through a few of their canals, what a cool city and we enjoyed the pre-cruise hotel that Premier suggested. Your CompassPoint guide was very useful as this was our first river cruise and we felt well prepared. As I mentioned, I like to do my own research as I'm very, very detailed, but your Amsterdam Thoughts really were well done. Thanks for everything."
— Steven and Gretchen H., Ventura, California (May 2020)

"I had never been out of the country alone, but was [as you know] determined to go on river cruise. First of all, I had no clue about what would be best for me, but you (Scott K.) took the time to listen to what I was looking for and ultimately suggested Tauck. I am so glad I found you and Tauck as this trip was so much more than I ever expected it to be in my first venture traveling solo. The river boat is such an intimate atmosphere that it was really easy to get to know people and because the Tauck Cruise Director made sure I knew the other solo travelers, it made the trip oh so easy for me. I never felt like a "duck out of water, not once!" The food was delicious, my cabin the best, although hardly ever in it, and I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the Tauck tours. Thanks to everyone at Premier for making this trip so special for me. I can't wait to do it again."
— Kathleen R., Stockton, California (June 2021)

As you know, we've never been on a river cruise before and when I called Premier, I really did not know much other than we were planning to take our 16 year old grandson to Europe. We talked about what it would be like on a river cruise and you suggest Tauck's Bridges family trips and boy I'm so glad you did. The entire trip was wonderful and we all truly enjoyed the river cruise. There were plenty of other kids for him to pal around with and he did. They went their way with the wonderful Tauck Cruise Director and we the other with ours who was also great. Sometimes he explored with us and sometimes with the other kids. I must say, he was never bored, not for one second of the trip. Overall, Tauck really does a great job, even better than the super luxury ocean cruises we have enjoyed in the past. I would highly recommend Tauck for anyone traveling with younger children as it was a pefectly executed trip for those of all ages. Food, tours and your preparation of us was also great, but best of all, our grandson had his own cabin. If the timing works out, we have one more grandchild who would love this trip. Thanks."
— Suzanne S., Hungtington Beach, California (July 2020)

"I was a bit nervous going on a river trip with my brother and sister-in-law. As you know, I found Premier through a recommendation from one of your customers. You (Scott) were great from day one being very patient with all of us as we asked all those questions. Ultimately, we decided on your suggestion of a Tauck Danube River cruise with extra time in Prague and Budapest and I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. None of us could find anything to complain about, not even the weather. The flights you booked were perfect as were our pre-assigned seats, the cruise was extraordinary in every way, especially the tours provided by Tauck that were simply amazing. We thought Prague was the most beautiful city until we stayed in Budapest which was even nicer for us. Your hotel suggestions, restaurant suggestions and the private guide you arranged in Prague, made this a trip of a lifetime. You made this so enjoyable and effortless for the four of us, I just cannot thank you enough.
— Linda and the three Blakes, Scottsdale, Arizona (September 2022)

"This river cruise with Tauck is one of the most memorable cruises we've ever enjoyed and it is not because it cost a bit more than other cruise lines. We've sailed on luxury ocean lines and enjoyed ourselves, but never, ever came home feeling that we were "pampered" as we did after our Tauck river cruise along the Rhone and Saone. The scary thing is I can't tell you why we felt so pampered, each and every moment we were with Tauck. Maybe it was all the staff for only 130 or so of us, maybe it was that everyone was not looking for a tip, or maybe it was because everyone always seemed so happy, I just don't know. What I do know is this cruise was as close to perfect as a trip to a foreign country (especially France) can be. I could go on and on, but to simply say the ship was great, the food delicious, the tours were outstanding and every single crew member was a "10." I would be remiss if I also did not commend you and the Premier team for providing every possible bit of information a new river cruiser could ever want. Your CompassPoint Guide was perfect and the materials you prepared and sent to us for our time in Paris and Lyon were a great help. You done good and I'd hug you if you were nearby. As you know, we already booked for 2023 and I can't wait.
— Harry and Nicole, Dallas, Texas (July 2021)

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Tauck Guests enjoying the sundeck viewing along the Rhine.