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Customer Testimonials


As first-timers on a river cruise, we were not sure of what to expect — the service and crew on Viking was outstanding. The food was very good and we enjoyed all the included tours on this cruise. It was great to see how much they included for us and when we left the ship, we owed almost nothing, which is rare for our cruises. Your (Premier's) information and Premier Thoughts on Budapest and Prague were exceptional and made touring on our own very easy. We especially loved Premier’s restaurant suggestions in both places and we dined and loved all three we were able to visit. We've already booked next year's cruise with Doug who was sensational and made this really a perfect, hassle-free trip.
— Sandy and Terry S, Los Angeles, CA (October 2015)

First of all, thank you, Doug for your patience, advice and expertise in putting together everything for our first river cruise, it was perfection! You said I would love it and you were right as Viking really did a wonderful job and I loved the Long Ship Tor. We’ve traveled on land tours and on one ocean cruise, but this was the best of the best and I don’t think I will ever do a land tour again… I cannot believe the difference between sitting on a bus most of the day and exploring the great places along the Rhine as we did on our cruise. Everyone was so friendly and we met many new travelers, two from where we live in Toronto. We were always welcomed by a great crew as was every other guest I encountered. I think the difference is that we were all around the same age and truly interested in the history and culture of the Rhine. Can’t wait for France next year and thanks to you and the Premier team for your “get ready” materials; they made the trip even easier.
— Jeanne W, Toronto, Canada (April 2016)

Bonjour, Scott. Let me first tell you about our Viking experience in Paris. Our reception at the airport was flawless. There was a Viking spot just outside the baggage claim area and in no time we were escorted to a new van and taken to our hotel. The L'Meridien was in a good location, clean, small rooms with an excellent shower, good TV, and nothing to complain about. The breakfast was excellent and we have rarely had more choices. We went on the City tour in a new coach which was not nearly full. The Louvre and Versailles tours were very well organized and we loved the no line waiting. Viking had a desk set up at the hotel with staff who answered all questions in a prompt manner.
— Joanie A, Salem, Oregon (May 2016)

What can we say that we did not say on the phone, this trip was sensational! From the moment we arrived in Lyon, Viking was on top of everything. Our transfer was perfect, the van, perfect and the ship, oh my, can there be something better than perfect? We truly enjoyed Burgundy & Provence and our extra time in Lyon. Viking did a nice job with our tours and the tour guides were terrific. We loved Premier’s special hotel recommendations which made Lyon outstanding and your restaurant suggestions were spot on as well. We’re very glad we found Premier (as you know) and glad we are already re-booked for more fun next year, this time with two other couples.
— Frank & Susan P, San Diego, California (June 2016)

Both Glen & I agree that the entire trip was one of the best we've experienced. We're grateful to you personally (Scott) for your informative and helpful advice when I first contacted Premier about a cruise. You helped us make the decision while staying impartial to the end and that set the stage for a great trip. Your subsequent help in making air arrangements and researching hotels was most useful and your suggestions were spot on. I very much appreciated your quick responses to my questions and the "get ready" materials like your Compass Point Guide allowed us to be well prepared for the cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our journey with Viking. The staff was unfailingly helpful and friendly, the accommodations were unexpectedly comfortable; the food abundant and excellent in variety, taste, and presentation; (my husband said "our worst meal was really good") the shore excursions offered were well planned, interesting and used great guides. Their Longship design is about as perfect as it can be from our experience and we cannot wait to do it again.
— Glen and Francis H, Charlotte, North Carolina (July 2016)

Thank you, Dawn, for arranging a perfect trip and saving us all that money. I loved Viking, I loved my cabin, I loved the food, and most of all I loved Europe along the Danube. You were right in that the window cabin on our long ship (can’t pronounce the name) was perfect and I still cannot believe how cost effective this trip was, even down to the low airfare you guys were able to find. We loved Vienna and Budapest. We loved the rivers, and we fell in love with Europe on my first visit. As you know, I was skeptical about traveling with all the recent issues, but boy, I truly never had a thought about my safety. You and Premier held our hand through the planning process and even picked out a perfect seat on our flights. As you know, we were on a budget and a river cruise worked perfectly as almost everything was included, and thanks for paying my tips. It is hard to put into words how lucky we feel to have found Premier and you.
— Diane D, Plano, Texas (October 2016)

For organizing the cruise for my sister and I. We met many wonderful people on our trip through Europe and the cruise was the highlight. We loved the Viking crew, the other passengers, and the cruise director was really funny and well informed about every stop we visited. Oh, the towns, the shopping, the Holiday Markets, the Glühwein, the fun, the food on the ship was magnificent. The window cabin was fine for us and met my expectations. I was only a few steps away from everything I needed. I'm ready to go again soon.
— Susan & Jane W, Baltimore, Maryland (December 2016)

Paris has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Paris in the spring when the crowds are low is even more remarkable. And, thanks to the Premier team, we loved our perfectly located hotel and all the tours during our three days in Paris. Thanks also for the hint on how to bypass all the lines at the Louvre and Eiffel Tower and at Versailles. Viking did a wonderful job and we wanted for nothing. We really enjoyed our Veranda stateroom and the Long Ship was easy to move around, especially with only 160 other folks on board. Meals were very nice, loved the Aquavit Terrace and please tell Viking to stop putting those scrumptious cookies at all of the coffee stations. For lovers of Impressionist art, this is the trip to take. Thank you, Scott and team for making our 25th so very special.
— Harriet & Dave S, Plano, Texas (April 2017)

We had a wonderful time on the Viking Embla and enjoyed our first river cruise. The crew was great and I loved that they remembered my husband’s and my name after only one day. Highly recommend Viking to anyone looking for a great vacation value and a first river cruise. Doug, your choice of the Danube was a perfect first cruise for us and we adored Prague. Everyone on board was friendly and I always felt welcome and at ease. The smaller number of passengers (190) made meeting other passengers really easy. My time in Prague before the cruise was remarkable as was Budapest, especially at night. This has to rank as one of the top 2 vacations I’ve ever enjoyed. And, it was great not to come home with all those credit card bills that I normally have after a trip. Cannot wait to go again.
— Patricia T, Atlanta, Georgia (May 2017)

Scott, we have eaten breakfast in the dining room and the variety and quality is of a high standard. The buffet has everything and more including cook to order eggs and pancakes, just for the asking. For lunch and the evening meal we have been eating in the Aquavit dining area at the front of the ship. It has its own menu and for dinner you can order off their menu or order off the main dining room menu. You seat yourself, can eat outside or inside, and the length of your stay depends wholly on you. Scott, we think that this is the biggest asset (with respect to food) Viking has going for it in our opinion. The aquavit area sets Viking above brand “T” and brand “S,” in our opinion.
— Mike & Viv, Ojai, California (June 2017)

This was our first trip to Europe, we traveled a long way and Premier did a jolly good job on preparing us and working with us to pick the right pre/post cruise arrangements in Budapest and Amsterdam. The Viking ship which we know of down here was extraordinary in every way. The crew was always chipper, the food abundant and very tasty. The overall experience was enhanced by the quality of our tour guides and the exceptional hotels you suggested before and after our cruise. We also loved the fact that just about everything was included in our price. The Premier team made our arrangements almost seamless, so our hats are off to all of you.
— Martin and Elouise D, Adelaide, Australia (May 2017)

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