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Learn how to use Premier River Cruises'
cruisGENIE™ Cruise Finder


Welcome to cruisGENIE™ — Premier River Cruises great cruise finder search tool!
This is the fast, easy way to find the perfect river or small ship cruise that fits your needs, desires, and budget. Before you start your search, look over the options the cruisGENIE cruise finder provides. You can be as general or precise as you want. If you choose not to narrow your search by cruiseline and/or destination, we’ll show you every cruise available to all destinations — just be sure to select your desired departure (start) and return (finish) dates. If you're not sure about your actual start and finish dates give yourself some play room so you can see more great cruise possibilities in the search results.

Check out cruisGENIE's great new features!

On the cruisGENIE™ Custom Search Results page, you'll be able to filter the results even more finely – just scroll down to the bottom of the search results page and play with the filters.
Our site visitors are already loving the "Cruise Side-by-Side Comparison" function where you can select up to 6 cruises at one time to compare them side by side!
For full information on a cruise, click on the itinerary name in the Title/Theme column of the Custom Search Results chart and a new page will open with a full description including an overview, full itinerary & itinerary map, pricing and staterooms, ship info (Everything from ship overview to activities & services, staterooms, deckplans, and more!), cruise inclusions, and more.


Want to request more information on a specific cruise or cruises?
At the bottom of each cruise itinerary page view, simply click on the REQUEST INFORMATION" button. A Request Information form will open in a new page. Completely fill out the information fields, then click the "SEND MY INFORMATION" button. Premier's team of river and small ship cruise experts will immediately receive your information (including the cruise Offer ID number you're interested in) and contact you quickly to answer all your questions and help you book your cruise!

Before you submit your request for information(s), please make a note of the Cruise OFFER ID(s) that you request information on so you can keep track of your inquiries and refer back to the itineraries you're interested in. You'll find the OFFER ID numbers in the last column of the Custom Search Results chart.

Ready to do an all new cruisGENIE search?
If you're on Premier's 'Custom Search Results' page, click your browser's back button to return to this page, or use the "Click HERE" link just below the page title on the results page. If you are on this page, just click the "RESET" button in the cruisGENIE™ Cruise Finder to clear your previous search.

Start your journey now!