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Learn how to use Premier River Cruises'
cruisGENIE™ River Cruise Locator

cruisGENIE™ is an easy way to search for an exciting river or small ship cruise vacation.
Before you start, look over the options the cruisGENIE search locator provides. You can be as general or precise as you want; you can even find “themed” cruises. If you choose not to narrow your search, we’ll show you every river cruise available to all destinations. Here’s how to best use the cruisGENIE search tools:

Use the drop down menus in the cruisGENIE tool bar to select your search preferences:
1. Select a region or the river you would like to view.
2. Select your preferred month of travel or we automatically show all months
3. Select your cruise length or we automatically show you all cruise lengths
4. If you have a preferred cruise line choose it, or let us show you all cruise lines
5. Then, just click GO!

Found a cruise that you'd like to take? Here's how to get our LOWEST price!
We always GUARANTEE two things when you book with Premier: first, we will always provide you with expert advice on which cruise works BEST for you; second, we guarantee you will always get a competitive price. To obtain our UNPUBLISHED PRICES, you MUST call (we prefer this so we can help you more quickly) or email us using the convenient "GET QUOTE" button for each cruise you're interested in. For fastest response on unpublished prices and more info on any cruise, just give one of our expert Personal Travel Planners a call at 1-855-255-1200 to learn more. They'll help you get started right away on planning one of your most memorable and value-packed vacations ever.

One last thought before you begin your search...
While you're visiting the site, don’t forget to read some of our very informative, objective river cruise reviews and articles. The articles are written to address the questions of first time river cruisers, solo travelers, and to learn about new destinations. One of our goals is to help you find the RIGHT cruise, NOT just a cruise. To access this exceptional content, use the article links which can be found in the top navigation bar drop downs at the top of the page and in the left coulmn. Now... happy searching; talk to you soon!