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8 Days | Roundtrip New Orleans


Day 1 | New Orleans, Louisiana. Embark. New Orleans is a unique city rich in history and alive with tradition. Famed for its 17th century architecture, culturally-inspired cuisine and lively music, the rhythm of the city is as diverse as its people. Beginning your adventure in New Orleans will excite the senses as you explore the history of the French quarter, listen to spirited Jazz and indulge in some local cuisine. A visit to the French Market, the country's oldest public market, is reminiscent of European markets, but in a tradition that is distinctively New Orleans.

Day 2 | Oak Alley. Once serving as an antebellum sugar cane plantation, Oak Alley Plantation is rightfully named after its most distinguishing feature, a canopy of 300 year old oak trees that form a quarter-mile path leading to the Mississippi River. Restored to its 19th Century grandeur, this classic Greek revival-style antebellum mansion is purely breathtaking.

Tour | Oak Alley Plantation. Explore Oak Alley Plantation, the Grande Dame of the Great River Road. Built in the mid 19th century, this antebellum-style mansion will transport you back to a time when plantations were the backbone of the Southern economy. Take a guided tour of the grounds, which include an antique car garage, a blacksmith shop and the famous Alley of Oaks.

Day 3 | Natchez, Mississippi. Overlooking the Mississippi River, Natchez was first established as a French fort site in 1716, later becoming part of the United States as the first capital of Mississippi in 1817. Perched over 200 feet above the Mississippi River with 30-mile views along the river both north and south, the bluff of Natchez is a place to marvel in the beauty and grandeur of the river. A quaint Southern town rich in culture, history, and known for its abundance of antebellum architecture, Natchez offers true southern hospitality with the attractions of a great small city.

Tour | Historic District. Tour through the heart of downtown Natchez, bustling with activity at every bend. Natchez is a grand city steeped with a rich and tumultuous history. Tour through the heart of downtown Natchez, bustling with activity at every bend. Hear blues musicians playing along the city's streets, and discover how music has helped shape the city as it is today. Tour beautifully restored antebellum homes while you learn about the Civil War's impact on Natchez. Everything that the magnificent city has to offer is available to you on this unique tour.

Tour | Frogmore Plantation. Discover the lives of early Natchez planters during a tour of the Frogmore Plantation. An 1800-acre working cotton farm, the Frogmore Plantation has 18 restored antebellum structures that date from the early 1800s. Along with the history of the early Natchez planters, the tour includes a rare Smithsonian quality steam cotton gin. The tour continues through modern day plantation life, including the planting, harvesting, and computerized ginning of cotton.

Day 4 | Vicksburg. Around every corner, U.S. history is alive in Vicksburg. This "Queen City of the Bluff" offers plenty of opportunities to take a step back in time. Civil war battlefields, century old churches, cotton fields, and restored train depots are just a few of the many intriguing landmarks that await your visit. Marvel in the beautiful antebellum-style homes and watch Vicksburg's history come to life at the riverfront murals.

Tour | Historic Downtown. Learn about the charming culture and heritage of this historic town during a special bus tour. Vicksburg is a vibrant town bursting at the seams with culture, character and adventure. Vicksburg's animated history features Native American tribe battles and a 47-day siege of the town in 1863. Learn about the charming culture and heritage of this historic town during a special bus tour that takes you past restored homes, quaint shops and historic monuments.

Tour | National Military Park. Explore this sprawling battlefield with a professional guide. National Military Park commemorates the campaign, siege and defense of Vicksburg in 1863 and includes over 1,370 monuments and markers, a restored Union gunboat and a national cemetery. Explore this sprawling battlefield with a professional guide who has a vast knowledge of civilian life and military operations on both sides of the siege and battle. Your tour will end at the Visitors’ Center, filled with an impressive array of exhibits and artifacts from the Siege of Vicksburg.

Day 5 | St. Francisville, Louisiana. Established in 1809 and overlooking the Mississippi River, St. Francisville is a quaint Southern town that offers a glimpse into history. One of the largest shipping ports on the Mississippi River prior to the Civil War, St. Francisville is a small town with grand appeal. Experience this town's rich history as you tour historic plantations, including the famous Rosedown and The Myrtles, or explore the captivating gardens in this area.

Tour | Myrtles Plantation. The Myrtles Plantation invites you to step back in time and experience true antebellum splendor. While on tour, you will see fine antiques and architectural treasures of the South and discover why the Myrtles Plantation has been called one of "America's Most Haunted Homes." After the tour, relax in giant rockers on the veranda or stroll through the Plantation's gardens filled with majestic oaks.

Tour | Rosedown Plantation. Rosedown Plantation embodies the lifestyle of the antebellum South's wealthiest planters in a way very few other surviving properties can. This perfectly preserved plantation showcases the cultural traditions and lifestyles of the Old South's wealthiest inhabitants. This historic plantation will give you an appreciation for the people who lived and worked on an antebellum plantation.

Day 6 | Baton Rouge. Louisiana's state capital, was named over 300 years ago by French explorer Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville. The city's rich cultural traditions are reflected through its African-American and Caribbean influenced architecture, experienced through its fiery Creole and Cajun cuisine, and heard in its soulful Blues and Cajun style music. Baton Rouge is a wondrous city brimming with Southern hospitality.

Tour | Cajun Heritage and Rural Life Museum. Experience 19th century plantation life during a guided tour of this outdoor living history museum. The Plantation Quarters showcase the kitchen, slave cabins, and grist mill of a typical 19th century working plantation. After a tour of the Plantation Quarters, discover the life of early Louisiana settlers during a tour through a replica 19th century town. Highlights include the pioneers' cabin, shotgun house and dogtrot house.

Tour | Louisiana's Old State Capital. Visit this "castle on the river" and explore the fascinating events and people that contributed to Louisiana's story. Louisiana's Old State Capitol stands high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge. This 160-year-old statehouse has withstood war, fire, scandal and the occasional fistfight. Today, the building serves as a museum depicting the history of the State of Louisiana, and stands as a testament to bold, inspired leadership and active citizenship. The museum's multimedia exhibits engage visitors in an interactive exploration of the events and people that contributed to Louisiana's history.

Day 7 | Houmas House. Become acquainted to the Houmas House and its history as well as its 38 acres of gardens, ponds and a majestic live oak alley during this port stop. Make sure to explore the southern splendor of "The Sugar Palace" through 16 rooms filled with period antiques and Louisiana artwork.

Tour | Houmas House Plantation. Known as the "Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road," discover the wonders of Houmas House on a guided tour of the mansion and surrounding grounds. This true American landmark features many antiques, artifacts and unique artwork that you can explore during your stop.

Day 8 | New Orleans. Disembark. Welcome back to New Orleans, commonly referred to as the "Birthplace of Jazz." There is something for everyone with this city's history, culture and arts prevalent around every corner. The open air artist colony proudly displays local artist's works on the iron fence in Jackson Square, while the city's 45 museums carefully preserve its rich history. Stay an extra day or even a few nights to enjoy this lively city.

Tour | New Orleans. Experience one of America's most culturally and historically rich destinations during this unforgettable city tour. New Orleans is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Its rich history has influences from Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa and features a brilliant mosaic of culture, food, and music. Experience one of America‚'s most culturally and historically rich destinations during this unforgettable tour. Your guide will introduce you to some of New Orleans' most celebrated landmarks, including Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the Garden District, French Market and the famed French Quarter.

Tour | New Orleans Museum of Art.The New Orleans Museum of Art is the city's oldest fine arts institution, with an impressive permanent collection of 40,000 artifacts. Enjoy a guided tour of this extraordinary museum, which is recognized for its extraordinary French and American art, photography, and African and Japanese works. After the tour, be sure to visit the picturesque Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, one of the most premier sculpture installations in the United States. The Sculpture Garden is situated on a beautifully landscaped site amongst meandering footpaths, reflecting lagoons, 200-year-old live oaks and pedestrian bridges.

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the itinerary schedule you receive with your final documents.

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