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8 Days | Maine Coast & Harbors


Day 1 | Portland, ME. Embark. Portland is a region that perfectly blends the present with the past. The Old Port waterfront is made up of working fishing wharves and converted warehouses that now host a variety of eclectic restaurants and shops. Begin your adventure with a calm afternoon on the sun deck looking for whales and enjoying the stunning natural beauty of Maine’s rugged coast. Cape Elizabeth marks the entrance to the Portland Harbor where you can witness spectacular views as you start your journey with us.

Day 2 | Bar Harbor, ME. The natural beauty that surrounds Bar Harbor is accented with ocean cliffs, glacier‐formed lakes and valleys, stunning mountain vistas, and pine forest. This beauty has been captured in the works of Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, and many other great artists. Lobstering is a centuries‐old industry that continues to thrive in Bar Harbor as well as boat building, another traditional business that is an important part of the economy. Though Bar Harbor region is best known for its outdoor activities, it is also home to small museums, cultural attractions, and historically significant landmarks.

Day 3 | Castine. Belfast, ME. Home to the Maine Maritime Academy, Castine offers both spectacular harbor views and an area rife with history. Take a leisurely walk down Main Street and marvel at the town's many examples of early 19th century architecture. Spend the afternoon exploring Belfast, a quaint coastal community. Stroll through Belfast's historic district, which proudly showcases magnificent sea captains' mansions. Art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting this area's many art galleries.

Day 4 | Camden, ME. Full of classic schooners, this charming village is considered the "tall ship capital of Maine," and is admired for its scenic beauty. Enjoy the warm summer sunshine and refreshing sea breezes as you relax on a park bench and watch beautiful ships sail into the harbor. You may stroll along Camden's streets, which are lined with shops and art galleries. Bring your camera to capture sweeping ocean vistas, placid coastlines, and panoramic views of Camden, Penobscot Bay and the surrounding islands from atop Mount Battie.

Day 5 | Rockland, ME. Rockland is a exciting town with a vibrant artistic culture and essential lobster industry. Spend your time touring one of Rockland unique museums, including the Owls Head Transportation Museum and the Farnsworth Art Museum. Explore downtown Rockland, featuring an eclectic collection of boutique and art galleries, or relax on a park bench and watch classic schooners sail through the harbor.

Day 6 | Boothbay Harbor, ME. Known as the "Boating Capital of New England," Boothbay Harbor bustles with fishing vessels and pleasure craft in equal numbers. Walk along Boothbay Harbor's flower-lined streets, dotted with art galleries, antique shops and specialty boutiques. Don't forget to visit the famous Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Day 7 | Bath, ME. Long known as the "City of Ships," Bath finds its identity in shipbuilding. From its architecture and cultural offerings to its urban downtown, Bath's shipbuilding roots define its character. Walk Bath's streets and admire the seaport’s tree-lined avenues, graced with classic examples of American architecture or explore the nationally acclaimed Maine Maritime Museum, which offers a variety of exhibits about Maine's nautical history.

Day 8 | Portland, ME. Disembark. After a refreshing and relaxing week of cruising Maine's coast and harbors, enjoy a day exploring the vivacious city of Portland. This charming area is located in the heart of Casco Bay and offers something for everyone. Visit one of Portland's many museums and art galleries or peruse the many specialty boutiques in the city's celebrated Old Port.

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the itinerary schedule you receive with your final documents.

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