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8 Days | Hudson River Cruise


Day 1 | New York, New York. Lincoln Harbor, New Jersey. After boarding your ship in New York City, enjoy a delightful afternoon cruising on the Hudson River to Lincoln Harbor, New Jersey.

Day 2 | Catskill. In Catskill, visit the Clermont State Historic Site, home to Robert Livingston Jr., the first minister of foreign affairs who negotiated the Louisiana Purchase and helped draft the Declaration of Independence. You will also have the chance to visit Olana, home of artist Frederick Church.

Olana Guided Tour. Enjoy a special visit to the magnificent Persian-style home of one of the most influential Hudson River School painters, Frederick Church. Church designed his home and the surrounding landscape to take full advantage of the magnificent views of the Catskill Mountains. Today, you can tour the house and take a stroll of the grounds, hailed by many as the queen of the Hudson Valley estates.

Day 3 | Troy. Albany. The picturesque region of what is today the city of Albany was discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609 on a failed attempt to find an expedited passage to China for the Dutch East India Company. Today, the capital city of New York welcomes visitors with majestic architecture and grand views of the beautiful Hudson River Valley. Be sure to explore the New York State Museum and the newly-renovated State Capitol building, originally built in the late 1800s.

Albany City and Capital Tour. (2.5 Hours) Join us on a historic tour of Albany. Enjoy a narrated tour of the city including stops at the New York State Capital Building and the New York State Museum, learning about various areas of this state's long, intriguing story.

Day 4 | Kingston. With the invention of the steamboat in 1807, the Hudson River became a waterway of leisurely travel with hundreds of vessels making their way up and down the picturesque passage. Kingston helps preserve the maritime heritage of the Hudson River at the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Kingston is also located in an area of the Hudson River often referred to as "Millionaires Row" — which is replete with palatial estates and grand mansions built by wealthy New York businessmen who bought the property for summer retreats.

Kingston City Tour. Take a narrated bus tour of Kingston and learn about the history of this charming town. You will enjoy stops at Old Dutch Church and the Senate House, where New York's first Senate met in 1777 amidst the turmoil of a British military invasion. Now a museum, the home showcases 18th and 19th century artwork by John Vanderlyn and other members of the Vanderlyn family of Kingston.

Day 5 | Poughkeepsie. Spared from battle during the Revolutionary War, Poughkeepsie became the second capital of New York. Due to the area‚'s natural beauty and proximity to New York City, families such as the Astors and Vanderbilts built sprawling weekend homes nearby. Hyde Park, located just north, was the birthplace of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His Springwood estate is now the site of the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site.

Hyde Park Tour. Visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, one of America's great historic homes. Filled with memorabilia of the Roosevelt family, the neo-Georgian house was the birthplace of this cherished leader. After the house tour, enjoy a visit to the FDR Library and Museum.

Day 6 | West Point. Steeped in history and tradition, the United States Military Academy at West Point offers visitors the opportunity to walk on the grounds once trekked by some of the nation's greatest generals, like Patton, Eisenhower and MacArthur. Founded in 1802 by an act of Congress, the Academy has been of significant military importance to America since Revolutionary days. Tour the West Point Museum and Cadet Chapel, while viewing magnificent vistas of the Hudson Valley from atop the campus grounds.

West Point Guided Tour. (2 Hours) Take a tour of America‚'s most notable military academy. You will see the Cadet Chapel, Trophy Point, and other stunning areas of campus. West Point is home to one of the most breath-taking vistas in the world with magnificent sights of the Hudson Valley. Due to security regulations, all passengers must present a Photo ID when boarding the bus at West Point.

Day 7 | Sleepy Hollow. The riverside town of Sleepy Hollow is forever immortalized in the works of one of the country's first great writers, Washington Irving. The author found inspiration in the Hudson Valley, creating legendary stories like Moby Dick and Rip Van Winkle. Today, Irving's country home, Sunnyside, is a National Historic Landmark and welcomes visitors with tales of the man himself.

Sunnyside and Lyndhurst Tour. Visit the home of America's first internationally famous author, Washington Irving, and a Gothic revival mansion. Washington Irving's Sunnyside is a much-loved riverside home that has been charming visitors for generations. Hear about Irving's storied past and how he came to be America's first internationally famous author, best remembered for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and other short stories. Your guide, dressed elegantly in period clothing, will explain how Washington Irving designed Sunnyside and the grounds himself, collaborating with his neighbor, artist George Harvey. You will also visit Lyndhurst, one of America's finest Gothic Revival mansions. Join us on a guided tour of this remarkable example of the Hudson River's grand and historic estates.

Day 8 | New York. Cap off your trip with a day in the Big Apple. Once you have docked in Manhattan, enjoy all of the offerings that New York City embodies. Take in cultural events at the Metropolitan Opera House, exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art or simply go sightseeing throughout this metropolitan wonderland.

Narrated City Tour. (2.5 Hours) This is a fantastic way to experience the sights, sounds, and history of this extraordinary city. Experience New York City and learn about the history of major landmarks from your tour guide. This tour will make a special stop at Ground Zero as well.

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the itinerary schedule you receive with your final documents.

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