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Why do you need a river cruise expert?
That answer is pretty simple... So you don’t make bad decisions, waste your hard earned money, or even worse, take a river cruise that was not everything you wanted.

When you work with our Premier river cruise experts, that just cannot happen!
Premier is a unique online travel agency specializing in river and small ship vacations. We are the only agency in North America to have such a unique focus. It is our expertise, great values, and service that have enabled us to be featured in the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, CruiseCritic, The Washington Post, Fodor’s, and recently on PBS as one of the BEST travel agencies in America to arrange a river cruise vacation.

All of that is really important to you, but not as important as how we work with you to choose the cruise line which best fits your needs, wants, lifestyle and budget. This is your cruise, not ours and it has to be perfect.

We want you to feel comfortable about the capabilities of the Premier Team. Here's a list of important things should you know...
We are fully appointed by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)
We have firsthand knowledge of every cruise line we sell
Our agents know the subtle differences between each line and every style of ship
Our team has been to almost every river cruise port in the world... more than once
Our volume means you always get the best value… we guarantee that
We have specially negotiated hotel rates in most major river cruise cities
We have a special team dedicated to working with Solo Travelers
We have our own air department to work with you for the best arrangements
We provide solutions for you with the most comprehensive river cruise site anywhere
Most of our team have been enjoying and selling cruises for over 25 years

Beyond our expertise, we promise you exemplary, unequivocal personal service and we cannot emphasize that enough. Yes, we are an internet based company like Amazon, Zappos, or eBay. But, unlike them, we are all about communication and human interaction. You deserve it. We mandate it. No one knows more about river cruising than the Premier Team. We have no other agenda than to find the perfect river cruise for YOU.

Feeling comfortable? Why not give us a call?
We'll help you find that perfect river cruise trip. If you’re not ready to call, but need more info, why not send an email with your questions to our "Ask Mr River Cruise" guru. Just click HERE to activate an email window. Type in your questions, hit send, and Mr River Cruise will get right back to you!