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Book Early Low Price Assurance Program
River and small ship cruising are the fastest growing elements of the cruise industry, and because of this, many river and small ship cruises sell out very quickly. Unlike mega-sized ship ocean cruises, you MUST book almost a year in advance to enjoy the river or small ship cruise of your choice. The obvious benefit of booking early is you pick the best cabin location, and get the BEST price, yet some people are still reluctant to book early and are shocked to learn their preferred cruise is sold out.

Many mega-sized ship ocean cruises know that sometimes if you wait until the "last minute," you could get a better price. Because river and small ship cruising is so popular and the ships only hold 150 or so guests (small ships approximately 100 to 350 guests), this is just not the case. So, to encourage our customers to book early, Premier River Cruises now offers a Price Assurance program that removes any perceived risk of booking early.

What that means to you is that you can now book early with confidence. Should the cruise line lower the price of your cruise departure, we guarantee you'll get the lower price and we'll refund the difference to you.  No strings, no hoops to jump through, just good common sense. No other travel agency specializing in river cruise vacations does this. It's just another reason you should book with Premier, the best travel agency in American to arrange your river cruise vacation.