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10 Reasons. 10 Photos.
A River Cruise is Great for Solo Travelers.

Article by Janice Waugh | Published January 23, 2013

It's a relaxing, leisurely way to travel.

It’s time to sum up my first experience on a river cruise. Was it great? Would I recommend it for solo travelers?

The answer is yes.

Those who know me know that a river cruise is a departure for me (please pardon the pun). I’m typically an independent traveler and my quest is rarely for luxury. However, I enjoyed both the luxury of the cruise as well as a chance to relax and let someone else manage all the details for a change.

So, if the question is: should I go on a river cruise, the answer is: it depends on what you want in your travels. If it’s a bit of relaxing luxury while still seeing and learning a lot, a river cruise may be for you. To help answer the question, here are…

Wachau Valley. Gorgeous scenery.

10 reasons a river cruise is great for solo travelers

These reasons here are based on my experience on Uniworld’s River Countess.

1. One hotel room, many locations. You never have to pack.

Friendly people.
2. Quality. The room was absolutely luxurious. The bed was incredibly comfortable — many people on board commented on the beds in particular. The ensuite was in marble and glass with high quality fixtures.

The River Countess features luxurious rooms.

3. The single supplement is frequently waived.
Watch for this to get your best value.

4. Impeccable service. Because the ship is small with just over 100 passengers the service was very personal and impeccable

Lounge for mixing and mingling.

All-inclusive excursions.
5. For the same reason, it’s very easy to meet people. Lots of people. I joined different people for dinner at almost every meal.

6. The restaurant offered fine dining.
Again, because they are serving no more than a good size restaurant, the food could be exceptional, and it was.

A new place to visit every day.
7. Wine and beer free is free with lunch and dinner. What more need I say.

A variety of experiences.
8. Everything was included in the price with the exception of the bar and gratuities including all shore excursions with an audiovox so that there is never any difficulty hearing the guide.

Entertainment every night by a range of performers.

My experience was on the the River Countess.
9. There is no need to take the tours if you don’t want to. Once in port, you have total freedom until sailing time.

10. Everything was well organized. The schedule for the next day was placed on my bed the evening before, there were announcements to keep you informed but only as necessary so they weren’t annoying, the maître d’ accommodated my vegetarian preference every day.

Thanks to Premier River Cruises, a travel agency that specializes in river cruise vacations for solo travelers, and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises for making this trip possible.

Acknowledgement: © 2012 The Solo Traveler Blog. All rights reserved worldwide. Reprinted on Premier River Cruises website by permission.

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