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Customer Testimonials

I've settled back in from one of my best solo vacations ever and wanted to say thank you to Scott for all his help and guidance, not to mention his tenacity in making me go on the trip. I could not make up my mind and felt the cruise was out of my budget, but boy was I wrong.  Scott was very patient and explained why this was such a great value and he was right.  Your Compass Point Guide saved me lot's of worry time. Emerald did a bang-up job and since almost everything was included in my price, I got home to very few credit card bills. I was also nervous about going solo, but after seven glorious days on the Danube, I can say it is the only way to go and I met many new friends, both solos and couples, it was amazing.  Thanks so much for making this happen.
— Sandy W., Kansas City, Missouri (Oct 2021)

Thanks so much. It was a wonderful trip and we all (there were three traveling together) enjoyed the upgraded cabins. Like Janice, I thinks Strasbourg holiday market was my favorite. We saw so many wonderful things. AMA did a great job with all the excursions, everything was done for us. AMA Waterways provided exceptional service, their staff were wonderful, the excursions were planned to the last detail and made it problem free for everyone. The materials (Compass Point Guide) you sent us prior to the cruise were very helpful and made planning for our trip a lot easier. I think you provide exceptional customer service and would recommend Premier to anyone I know who is planning a trip. It was a fabulous trip and I would recommend both AMA and Premier to anyone I know.
— Bernice D., Vancouver, Canada (Nov 2021)

Their service is still simply excellent. The staff could not be any more helpful. I think the Cruise Director Peter if he decides to change careers could make it as a standup comedian. He was informative and entertaining. The food, as on my last trip was great. We did have dinner one night in the Chef's Restaurant, what can you say, the food and the service was just special. We felt privileged to be there. Premier River Cruises, what can I say? The day I called and first talked with you I will never forget. I have and will continue to tell anyone thinking about a river cruise to contact you guys before they do anything else. I have been so grateful and pleased at the arrangements and help you have given me, not just on this cruise, which I wanted to be very special for my friend, but every cruise I have booked with you. AMA's people, like you guys at Premier go the EXTRA MILE.
— Linda B, Vacaville, California (Dec 2020)

My second trip on AmaWaterways was even better than my first. Traveling solo can be a challenge, but they do such a great job for solo cruisers that I always feel included. Food great, tours great, staff remarkable. It was another fabulous trip and I would recommend both AMA and Premier to anyone I know. Thanks for all your help in making this yet another memorable vacation.
— Janice S., Vancouver, Canada (Nov 2019)

As you (Scott) know, this wsa my first river cruise and traveling as a solol is always a concern.  But, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this cruise on AmaWaterways.  They were wonderful, always looking out to see if I or the other solo travelers needed anything and could not have been warmer. Everything was perfect and thank you so much for suggesting AmaWaterways (Amsterdam to Budapest) as the product for my first of many river cruises.
— Elaine B., Cambria, California (Oct 2018)


The trip was soooo much fun! I truly enjoyed Uniworld and they really took care of me and the other solo travelers on board. Met some super people on board and 130 people is so much more fun than the behemoth ships... the cruise sure met its billing and exceeded my expectations... and, I always felt safe.
— Joanie A., Lancaster, Pennsylvania (May 2019)

I had a wonderful time on the AmaCerto and on my first river cruise. The crew was great and I loved the way they flirted with me. Highly recommend Ama to anyone looking for a great vacation value as a solo traveler. Scott, your choice of the Danube was a perfect first cruise for me. Everyone on board was friendly and I always felt welcome and at ease. The smaller number of passengers (150) made meeting everyone really easy. My time in Prague before the cruise was remarkable — as was Budapest, especially at night. This has to rank as one of the top 2 vacations I’ve ever enjoyed. And, it was great not to come home with all those credit card bills that I normally have after a trip. Cannot wait to go again.
— Linda T., Atlanta, Georgia (May 2018)

I had never been out of the country alone, but was (as you know) determined to go on a river cruise. First of all, I had no clue about what would be best for me, but you (Scott K.) took the time to listen to what I was looking for and ultimately suggested Tauck. I am so glad I found you and Tauck as this trip was so much more than I ever expected it to be in my first venture traveling solo. The river boat is such an intimate atmosphere that it was really easy to get to know people and because the Tauck Cruise Director made sure I knew the other solo travelers, it made the trip oh, so easy, for me. I never felt like a "duck out of water, not once!" The food was delicious, my cabin the best, although hardly ever in it, and I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the Tauck tours. Thanks to everyone at Premier for making this trip so special for me. I can't wait to do it again.
— Kathleen R., Stockton, California (Jun 2019)

My river cruise with Tauck is one of the most memorable vacations I’ve ever enjoyed and my first as a solo traveler. As you (Rick) know, I have been on larger, luxury cruise lines with my late wife, but never on a river cruise, and never alone. I must say, I’ve never, ever come home feeling that I was so "pampered" as I did with Tauck, and it was perfect that absolutely everything was included in my price. They did a remarkable job with everything, but the quality of the included excursions was as if I had my own private guide… with 15 or so other folks. Tauck does it really well and while there were only 4 other solo travelers, I always felt at ease with everyone since we were all about the same age. Your CompassPoint Guide was perfect and the materials you prepared and sent to me on Paris and Lyon were a great help. Premier is the best and I will go again very soon.
— Harry P., San Antonio, Texas (Jul 2022)

First of all, thank you Doug for your patience, advice and expertise in putting together everything for my first river cruise... it was perfection! You said I would love it and you were right as Uniworld really did a wonderful job and I loved the Antoinette. I’ve traveled as a solo on land tours and on one ocean cruise, but this was the best of the best and I don’t think I will ever do a land tour again…I cannot believe the difference between sitting on a bus most of the day and exploring the great places along the Rhine as I did via my cruise. I never felt alone (just as as you told me) and I was welcomed by a great crew and every other guest I encountered. I think the difference is that we were all around the same age and truly interested in the history and culture of the Rhine. It was also nice to know that everything was included in my fare other than air tickets. Can’t wait for France next year and thanks to you and the Premier team for your “get ready” materials; they made the trip even easier.
— Joanne R., Toronto, Canada (Apr 2019)

Thank you Scott for arranging a perfect trip and saving me all that money. I loved Ama, I loved my cabin, I loved the food, and most of all I loved Europe. You were right in that the single cabin on Ama was perfect and I still cannot believe how cost effective this trip was, even down to the low airfare you guys were able to find. I loved Paris, I loved the rivers and I fell in love with Europe on my first visit. As you know, I was skeptical about traveling alone… boy, was I. You and Premier held my hand through the planning process and even picked out a perfect seat on my flights. As you know, I was on a budget and a river cruise worked perfectly as almost everything was included, and thanks for paying my tips. It is hard to put into words how lucky I feel to have found Premier and you.
— Diane F., West Palm Beach, Florida (Oct 2021)