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"The Building of the AmaMagna"


Vahali Shipyards builds the AmaMagna Supership for AmaWaterways
Published on Feb 14, 2018

The immense hull of AmaWaterways new passenger supership, the AmaMagna, was born at the hands of Vahali Shipyard Zasavica's employees and associates. This video presentation will demonstrate how — from the very beginning — they created something so magnificent. The AmaMagna would not exist as she does today without the expertise of hundreds of construction workers, electricians, engineers, and other professional tradesman who put forth their passion and skill to create this complex feat of engineering. Watch how, in a meticulously coordinated months-long process, the extraordinary AmaMagna came to fruition in Serbia’s Vahali Shipyard.

The AmaMagna to be launched in 2019, will be the largest river ship on the Danube.

For a more indepth look at AmaWaterways and all of their excellent river cruises in Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia (Mekong River cruises featuring Vietnam and Cambodia), click the following link: AmaWaterways