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Avalon Waterways | The River Cruise Experience
"River Cruising Views"



Welcome to Avalon Waterways. A cruise unlike any other.

Have you ever taken a cruise that included everything? That gave you sweeping views of awe-inspiring landscapes every moment of the day? That brought you to the heart of small towns and big cities to experience unique destinations like a local, not like a tourist? Welcome to the world of Avalon river cruising. Where no matter how long you're aboard for an in-depth 23 day exploration, a romantic 4-day getaway, or something in between — you'll be spoiled with a cruise unlike any other.

No one else can deliver the world to you like Avalon can. We boast the newest fleet in all of river cruising with an unmatched commitment to giving you more space and bigger views on every one of our ships. Combine those new ships and those magnificent views with the on-land expertise of the Globus family of brands, the world-wide leader in touring, and you can see why an Avalon cruise is truly one-of-a-kind.

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. And be spoiled with an all-inclusive cruise, upon the ships of Avalon.

For a more indepth look at Avalon Waterways and all of their excellent river cruises in Europe, Southeast Asia (Mekong River cruises featuring Vietnam and Cambodia), China, and Egypt, click the following link: Avalon Waterways