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Exceptional Emerald Value. It's all included.
Emerald Waterways, the deluxe river cruise company. Launched in 2014, Emerald introduced the next generation of river cruising through a range of spectacular ship innovations including an on-board pool that converts into a cinema. Emerald's carefully crafted cruises range from 8 to 17 days; takes guests to many of the most fantastic villages, towns and cities lining Europe's Danube, Rhine, Main, Rhone, Saone, Moselle, and Douro rivers; and are underpinned by incredible value for money.

Imagine a holiday that enables you to explore many of Europe’s beautiful cities, historic towns and iconic landmarks in one seamless journey. Imagine going to sleep in Bratislava and waking up in Budapest. Imagine travelling from destination to destination and needing to unpack only once. Imagine strolling out of your room ready for a dip in the heated swimming pool and having a drink waiting for you when you get out. Imagine enjoying a light breakfast or lunch alfresco, as you admire the beautiful landscapes and breathe in the fresh air. Take one of Emerald Waterways' river cruises in Europe and you don’t have to imagine; it’s simply what you can expect. . A river cruise in Europe introduces you to numerous historic castles that stand proud within the peaceful riverbank countryside; landmarks filled with legends; and enchanting storybook like forests just waiting to be explored.

In 2016, Emerald Waterways combined the very best of deluxe river cruising to take you through the spiritual landscapes of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Southeast Asia is a rich and vibrant land full of beautiful landscapes, lively people, excellent food, deep culture and poignant history.

With exclusive charters onboard the Mekong Navigator and Irrawaddy Explorer, these opulent French Colonial style vessels fuse modern comforts and traditional furnishings to exhibit a timeless elegance and guarantee an authentic cruising experience. Emerald Waterways will ensure you not only experience the highlights of this incredible destination but also meet the people and uncover some of the hidden wonders that make this place so special.

All-inclusive river cruising.
At Emerald Waterways, when they say all-inclusive, that's what they mean. Pack your bags with ease knowing that whatever your need is... they have you covered. From your meals, to your travel transfers, to your incredible onshore experiences, everything is included in the price of your vacation. Emerald is extremely passionate about providing their guests with the very best. That’s what drives this excellent cruise line, cruise after cruise, journey after journey.

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