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I would hazard a guess that most of you saw Jack Nicholson’s entertaining movie, “The Bucket List.” For many people it memorialized and/or should I say: crystallized our thoughts and wishes regarding our need to travel and experience different lands and cultures.

No matter what you call it… Bucket List, Wish List, To Do List, etc., or even the “honey-do-list,” it all boils down to the fact that we Pre-Boomers and Boomers are not getting any younger. I enjoy using the term “people of age” referring to those of us with lots of energy, a great kindred spirit, the will to do it all, and who just happen to be north of 55. If you’re like me, age is merely a number with a finite ending point. My wife and I do have our own personal “list” of places and/or things we want to do. Don’t you? I bet you do!

I think most of us who are “of age” look at travel differently now. We kind of look at it like our “birth right,” not a privilege. You know: we’ve worked hard to get where we are, probably don’t feel as compelled as we used to about leaving everything to the kids — and of equal importance, WE see travel as a way to rejuvenate our spirit while enjoying and experiencing all those places we’ve added to our “bucket list.”

Today’s modern river cruise ship can take you on an imaginary ride back into history to ancient or biblical times [Egypt river cruise], or even to your “roots” [Europe river cruise] in a comfort and style unmatched by other modes of travel. Many people who've enjoyed traditional “deep water” cruises and then experienced a river cruise know how much more enjoyable, rewarding and affordable an exciting river cruise can be.

What moves you when see a TV show on Europe? Its history and the plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Its Europe’s spectacular scenery, evocative and picturesque? The food and the wine? The people and their heritage? Or, is it merely your need to be rejuvenated and feel the urge to sit at a sidewalk café on a cobblestone street and watch the world go by? Well, it’s all there waiting for you! A luxurious European river cruise can take you effortlessly from Amsterdam all the way to the Black Sea and Istanbul, taking in 2000+ years of history as you float delightfully down the Main, Rhine, Danube, and Moselle rivers. Or, if you want to experience the culinary excellence, vintage wines, and lavender fields of France — then the Seine, Saône and Rhône River cruises are for you.

Have you always wanted to ride a camel past an Egyptian pyramid? Wouldn’t that make a great blog post to friends back home? On a Nile river cruise you can walk in the land of the Pharaohs where Cleopatra and Ramses once reigned, but you’ll do it in the air-conditioned comfort of a deluxe river cruise ship.

If you’re roots are like mine in Eastern Europe, you can visit the onion domes in Moscow’s Red Square, cruise along the majestic Danube to Budapest, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and even Bulgaria with stops along the way in places like medieval Salzburg or picturesque Vienna. What about Prague, the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, or the captivating but lesser known city of Bucharest?

Have you traveled extensively through Europe and now look toward the east and mystical Southeast Asia for your next exciting travel experience? Well, you’re in for a treat as you travel back some 5000 years into a time and places that most of us are less familiar with: China, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia! Imagine your sense of history when you walk upon China’s Great Wall, stand in the Forbidden City, wonder at the lush gardens of the Summer Palace, or be awe struck as you view the incomparable Terra Cotta warriors of Xian. And of course experience the incomparable Yangtze River. Or, maybe the mighty Mekong River is for you. On a Mekong cruise, you’ll touch 5 countries and float through the heart of Vietnam and Cambodia, with their histories of ancient empires and religions. Whatever your choice, a cruise in China or Southeast Asia — you can’t go wrong!

For a more comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the various regions and rivers of the world you can visit aboard a luxurious river cruise ship, please read through our Destination, Rivers, and Cruise Line Sections.

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