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Articles and reviews on river cruise and small ship cruise ports of call.


One of the favorite things we like to do is write articles and reviews for the Port Spotlight Series.
There's something special about ports. Perhaps it is because most of the ports that exist today have been ports for hundreds – even 1000s – of years. Each one is steeped in the history of their country, each serves as a primary gateway to a city, country, or region; sometimes a port is the only village, town, or city that exists in a particular country or region that makes that area accessible. Ports are often a microcosym of the larger region as all kinds of people, cultures, customs, and and societies gather together to trade news, knowledge, goods, and more, with others from far away places. That's what makes them so fascinating to write about. Everyone on the Premier Team makes copious notes about their visits to every destination, every port in particular.

We want to be able to give all of our customers and site visitors the "inside scoop" on all they've seen, discovered, and learned about — from every medieval village cobble-stoned alley situated on the shores of the Rhine or Danube, to mysterious rain forest covered ports along the Mekong River; or, around every twist and turn of the Mississippi visiting ports famous for their Civil War sites to the far flung ports along the Nile where ancient pharoah's built their pyramids. Every port has a story, and we love talking and writing about them in order to provide our customers and site visitors with unique insights and knowledgeable commentary that will help them select, plan and prepare for their cruise vacations.  

Our informative Spotlight Series is yet another reason to work with one of our Personal Travel Planners who are experts on all things to do with river and small ship cruising.
Why? They’ve been to the ports we write about (and many, many more). Not only do our cruise experts know about each port because they educate themsleves by reading about them, they have also personally visited, experienced, and explored them during the many river and small ship cruises they've taken. They know exactly what each port can offer our customers. They know their histories and their current states; what types of sights, sounds, cuisines, beverages, entertainment and shopping venues, and more, that you'll experience. They are able to recommend places to see and things to do that you won't read about in any guide book (like the best place in Prague to buy exquisite Czech crystal for pennies, or the best side street cafe in Salzburg where you can sample the freshest, most delicious linzertorte, even the best port on the Mekong to capture memory-making images of a riotous sampan farmer's market. Wow! Let's go!).

Our cruise experts are really your Personal Travel Planners. They'll impart insights into how easy it will be immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of every port you visit, along with getting to know the people, cultures and customs of the towns and villages in the surrounding countryside that you'll also discover and explore. Our experts have all the answers for you as you prepare for one of the most memorable cruise vacations you’ll ever take! If you have any questions after reading our Spotlight Series articles, don't hesitate to call one of our experts for the answers, more info, and to book — 1-855-255-1200.

Take a look at our current Port Spotlight series below. "First timers" and even experienced cruisers should not miss these articles... Happy reading!

Budapest, Hungary Bucharest, Romania Amsterdam, Holland
PORT SPOTLIGHT | Budapest, Hungary PORT SPOTLIGHT | Bucharest, Romania PORT SPOTLIGHT | Amsterdam, Holland
Regarded by many experienced travelers as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, visiting Budapest on your Eastern European river cruise is like winning the lottery — twice! This exciting 1,000 year old city straddles the beautiful Danube River for several miles. Like Paris, Bucharest enjoys a vibrant street scene with strolling musicians and roving gypsy bands, remarkably beautiful tree-lined boulevards such as Victoriei and Dacia (the former leading to the Romanian version of the Arc d’Triomphe) along with majestic parks and “green spaces.” Discover its Old Town district, eclectic styles of architecture, incredible boulevards such as Mircea, Eliade, and Soseaus Kisileff, and so much more in the "Paris of Eastern Europe." You can call their country the Netherlands. You can call it Holland. Or, just as my wife and I do, you can call it the most fun-seeking, open-minded and safe city in the world. Amsterdam combines the best of the New York and Paris food scenes, has more colorful canals than Venice, offers locals and tourists the best collection of museums anywhere (And that includes the Louvre!), and it is the perfect gateway from which to begin your Rhine or Danube river cruise voyage.
Prague, Czech Republic
PORT SPOTLIGHT | Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is an unknown city to most Americans even though we’ve read about it in history books or vaguely remember Czechoslovakia’s attempted bloody breakaway from Communism in the late 60s. For most, Prague is better known for its Czech crystal and world-renowned marionettes. After your visit, we think you’ll say it’s a picture postcard at every turn and a delight for all seasons.
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