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The word "Europe" is such an evocative one.
It conjures up images of great empires and civilizations, of history both ancient and modern, and of cultures that laid the foundation for Western Civilization. And a European river cruise is the ideal way to take it all in and bring that evocative word to life.

Travelers from around the world have always found Europe to be an intriguing and welcoming destination, one that engages all the senses — the beauty of spectacular scenery and great art; the taste and aroma of extraordinary food and wine; the tangible evidence of thousands of years of history. Today's 4-star European river cruises enable travelers to see the history and culture of thousands of years, up close and personal.

The best way to experience almost any region is on a Europe river cruise.
Why you ask? Value! Unlike traditional ocean cruise vacations, almost everything you might reach into your pocket to pay for is INCLUDED in your Europe river cruise. A river cruise includes gourmet cuisine including delightful regional wines and beers, all shore excursions, and best of all — did we also tell you that it is impossible to get seasick on a river cruise ship?

A Europe river cruise vacation is like a European river: It flows, easily and blissfully, carrying away all worries and cares, offering a sense of stately elegance, winding past history — and, actually, becoming a part of history... not only Europe’s, but your own. You’ll return home with incredible memories and new found friends. Certainly, there are other ways to experience Europe. You can sit in traffic on an over-crowded, uncomfortable bus for hours on end, with the passing scenery reminding you more of the freeway back home than of any reason why you booked your European vacation to begin with. You can unpack every night in a large, impersonal hotel, only to pack up again in the morning and climb back on the bus for more tedious hours on the road. You can dine each night in an overpriced restaurant (made all the more expensive by the exchange rate) chosen by someone other than you, featuring menu items you can’t pronounce and ingredients you don’t recognize.

Then there’s the hassle-free way to experience Europe... the river cruise way.
Imagine unpacking just once and relaxing on a beautifully appointed 140-passenger river cruise ship. Look... there’s your stateroom or suite with a private balcony. And there’s your luggage, unpacked and tucked away from Day One, wonderfully forgotten until it’s time to return home. No more worries about getting your luggage to the curb early in the morning or wondering if you left something important — your cell phone, your sunglasses, your sanity — back in your hotel room. Also gone are concerns about reaching for your wallet every time you sit down to a meal. Remember, you’re on board a sumptuous river cruise ship, so there’s no need to consider your budget, fuss with cash, or fumble with credit cards. Your shipboard meals, including wonderful regional wines, beer, and soft drinks with dinner are all included.

What about shore excursions and other activities?
Again, you’re experiencing a Europe river cruise, so your shore excursions, ground transportation and entrance fees to attractions such as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, castles like Vienna’s Hofburg Palace, and all the French wineries, museums and gardens, are also included. Of course, your Europe vacation isn’t just about being careful with a dollar. It’s about being wise with something else that is precious: TIME. You’ve looked forward to this week or two for many months or perhaps years, and now you want your travel experience to meet, or even exceed, your expectations.

A European river cruise vacation will be exciting, stimulating and memorable.
You'll discover Europe the way you want to — at your own pace, with a welcome sense of ease, and amid luxurious comfort and people like you. This time is your time. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore Europe’s delightful towns and cultural treasures along the way... or simply to watch the sunset on board your elegant ship while chatting with newfound friends.

Rivers. The super (beautiful) highways of Europe.
Did you know that Europe has more navigable rivers than any region in the world? It’s true. Imagine sailing along 2,000 miles of breathtaking river and visiting more than 10 countries as you make your way through the heart of Europe along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, from Amsterdam in Western Europe to Romania and the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. You’ll have the chance to explore charming medieval villages, sample a glass of wine or a scrumptious pastry, wander through storied capital cities, investigate fairytale castles and world-famous vineyards – all from your floating five-star hotel. The scenery is unsurpassed. The convenience — your river cruise ship usually docks right in the center of town — is unbelievable. And, again, the value is as impressive as Europe’s hilltop fortresses or delicious cuisine.

Eat, walk, bike, relax.
Picture yourself on a bicycle, exploring those out-of-the-way places you would never find in a car, on a train, or on a bus. There is nothing quite like having a picnic lunch on the banks of the Danube, sipping a chilled glass of white wine and nibbling a tasty sandwich. Equally appetizing is what doesn’t come with your meal: All the worries about transportation and accommodations, where to eat and what to see. These concerns, simply, are no longer an issue.

You’ll also savor a marked lack of crowds. On a typical river cruise ship, you will share your experience with no more than 130 to 150 like-minded travelers, all seeking the same thing — a European river-cruise vacation that is comfortable, relaxing and intimate. It will provide you incredible insights into the destination and its people in a fashion that no other vacation can possibly do.

All you have to do now, is decide where you want to go and which cruise to take.
Even this decision is easy with a Europe river cruise. The biggest decision you will most likely face is: which river to choose? The Fabled Danube, the infamous Volga, the lazy Rhone and Saone or maybe you’re more in the mood for Paris and a trip up the Seine into Normandy, or perhaps the Douro River Valley, how about the Rhine and Moselle — no matter which one you choose, they're all incredible and waiting for you. To make it easier for you, we’ve divided Europe into two cruise regions: Western Europe and Eastern Europe. By the way, to learn more about Europe's rivers and rivers around the world, please visit our Rivers Section.


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