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Learn Why a River Cruise is Your BEST Vacation... and BEST Value!
Don't be misled by low lead prices on land tours and mega-ship ocean cruises!

You've done other trips and now thinking about enjoying a wonderful river cruise vacation. You've seen them advertised on TV, in magazines, and on the web. You've heard and read about how wonderful and affordable a European river cruise can be. But, you probably don't really believe the ads, do you? Probably not. But, you're not sure, so you’ve come to the Premier website (best in the world) to learn more and get the facts, and..."OMG!" You see prices that appear higher than expected. You exclaim: "This is really more expensive than my previous ocean cruises and land tours.”

Not really! Why? Let's take a look "under the hood" so to speak to see what the true value is that you receive for a river cruise price, compared to a land tour or ocean cruise.It's time to choose fact or fiction... YOU be the judge. By way of comparison, let’s examine the two main vacation choices for most travelers: a group land tour on a bus or a European ocean cruise. We know that after taking a closer look at the facts below, you’ll see why river cruises are the fastest growing segment of the cruise industry and why they are such a great overall value as well. Ready? Let's get started...

Is your head "spinning" after reading the comparison charts?
Not an uncommon, first reaction! It's what we call “STICKER SHOCK!” But, don't worry... with our expert assistance, most travelers are quickly able to step back and examine the true costs of each of these vacation choices. Once they see all of the included features on a river cruise — which cost extra on an ocean cruise or land tour — they understand that, while a river cruise is never considered a cheap vacation, it offers them the BEST VALUE and the BEST destination experience! Give one of our expert Personal Travel Planners a call to get all the FAQs about river cruising at 1-855-255-1200!

  Almost everything is included in your affordable price – no extra charges
  Only river cruises offer an immersive, “all-included” destination experience
  You see much more because your ship is a floating resort
  River ships offer fine cuisine and remarkable “included” wines
  You spend more time in ports allowing you to see more
  Your ship docks right in the center of most towns, no long bus rides
  River ships only hold about 150 like-minded, similarly-aged travelers
  You don’t have to change hotels or pack and unpack each night
  You don’t deal with the long lines of 3000++ passenger ocean ships
  Today’s river ships have all the services and amenities of a five-star resort
  Enjoy a more casual onboard atmosphere during your river cruise
  Okay... 11 reasons! You can now take advantage of Premier's exclusive Easy Pay
     cruise layaway plan! Learn more...

Only a river cruise includes just about everything. While, the initial price may seem a bit higher than a land tour or cruise, after adding in the hidden charges we’re confident that you'll instantly see what a superior value a river or small ship cruise provides for every traveler. In fact, just read what one Premier customer wrote to us about his recent ocean cruise as he fully realized the true value of a river cruise...
“Thoughts on my recent 7-night ocean cruise. Overall I enjoyed the cruise, but found the balcony cabin a bit smaller than what I've experienced on past river cruises. What really turned me off was that they added charges for almost everything I did, including eating in a specialty restaurant. I also paid extra for tours, tips, wines, beers, and even bottled water AND wi-fi which is never the case on river cruises! To sum it up, I got home to find credit card bills of over $2000 for these extras. And, compared to river cruises, it was a crowded, impersonal, and very expensive experience." — B. Wilson, Sylmar California
Now... Read a few comments from other travelers who have also discovered
the true value of a river cruise over other vacation choices.


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*TERMS AND CONDITIONS Price is based on river view [window] stateroom. Some restrictions may apply and are specific to each river and small ship cruise line. Price comparison is based on select Euroepan Rhine river cruise departures.  Other dates and departures may be slightly higher. On cruise lines that are not “all inclusive,” beer and wine are only included at lunch and dinner. Airfare is additional on river cruises, ocean cruises and land tours. We reserve the right to correct any informational or typographical errors. ©2010-2020 Premier River Cruises, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide. CST#1015320-40.

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