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How River & Small Ship Cruises can Help You Slow Down the Aging Process


As a very active and shall we say, graying boomer, I sometimes get frustrated when I hear friends say, “it’s amazing how time flies.” That statement infuriates me to no end, and when I recently mentioned my irritation to a psychologist friend, she chuckled and shook her head. Then she explained that obviously “time does not fly, it’s merely that many folks have less to look forward to as they age” and that may speed up their aging process.

She went on to provide some very sage advice to all of us nudging either side of 60 when she said, “Aging for many people can indicate that they do not enjoy as many unique experiences as they did when they were young.” In other words, when we’re young, almost everything is a unique experience and younger people are always looking forward to the next “new” experience. As one starts to age, they may have fewer and fewer “unique experiences” in their lives and this can expedite the aging process as one day kind of runs into another.

The introduction of more unique experiences into one’s life is very beneficial at slowing the process. Family is the #1 unique event and the number two most recognized “unique event” that slows aging is travel!

So... slow the aging process — enjoy a river or small ship cruise vacation!
Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a reach, but can you think of an easier or more fun-filled way to create and introduce new, “unique experiences” into your life? We can’t! If you haven't yet taken a river or small ship cruise, you are missing one of the easiest, most hassle-free, and extremely rewarding ways to see and experience up close and personal some of the world’s great places in Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia, China, India, North America and South America, and even Egypt.

How do you "slow-down" the aging clock? Here’s a good way to get it to slow way down...
Think about what we’ve said and how it relates to you. You’ve earned the right to enjoy yourselves: to create more meaningful, unique experiences as often as you can.

The beauty of a river or small ship cruise is that every day and almost every hour is filled with unique experiences shared with new or old friends enjoying new places and sights. Imagine, a morning yoga class up on the sun deck as your river ship sails through the majestic Iron Gates of the lower Danube, or sitting in a sidewalk café enjoying the sights and sounds of cities like Paris, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Bucharest, and Budapest. Even enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the banks of the Danube or Rhone with a wonderful picnic lunch to be eaten under a willow tree on the bank of the river (e-bikes or regular bikes usually available on every ship). Small ship cruises offer all of the aforementioned experiences, and more... you'll be aboard small, intimate ships with a more shallow draft enabling you to moor in shallow Caribbean and South Pacific lagoons, get in even closer to the mysteries and marvels of the Galapagos Islands, or nudge in close to small, out-of-the-way Greek Islands in the Mediterranean. 

Or, how about spending a few days in Amsterdam, learning the difference between the two types of “coffee” houses as you stroll the cities picturesque canals before visiting the Anne Frank House or world famous Rijksmuseum (even better than the Louvre). On a Rhone river cruise, you can enjoy Lyon, the food capital of the world, as you indulge all your senses in this historic, medieval city made famous by Chef Paul Bocuse (Premier will tell you where the best oysters can be found!). Or... how about when your small ship lands at a small New England island where you can step right onto the dock in the middle of a quaint village, take a few steps, and have fresh-caught lobster for lunch! On a small ship cruise to the Artic, you'll go out in small groups in an inflatible raft that will take you right in amongst breaching whale or Orca pods, or right up next to a glacier for even more stunning photos. What marvelous ways to enhance your life and feel truly alive!

A river or small ship cruise will invigorate every one of your senses and evoke feelings that you've never felt as your floating luxurious hotel travels the famous rivers of Europe or the far-flung, seldom visited destinations that a ocean-going, luxurious small ship can take you to. You’ll enjoy so many incredible, unique experiences that your iPhone camera will ask for a “time out.” Oh yes, and how about a cooking class where you’ll learn to make that perfect pasta, fine poached salmon, or enjoy an authentic South Pacific Luau and learn how to do a traditional "Hula" dance?



All of this and so much more await you on your river or small ship cruise.
The entire Premier Team (all of whom are boomers with years and years of experience) is ready to help you find that perfect “life extender.” Each of us will help you connect the dots, because — and we do not say this speciously — no travel agency knows river and small ship cruising better than our team! We delight in helping customers create even more unique experiences for each day of their journey — that’s our job, and we love it! We should also tell you that our first time river and small ship cruiser satisfaction ratings are above 97%!

We don’t think any other type of vacation come close to such perfection.
We can also talk until we are blue in the face about unique experiences, your bucket list, and many other aspects of river cruising. But, until you take the first step to enjoy a river or small ship cruise, you just won't truly know what we mean.

Bon Voyage!


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