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We don't just sell river cruises and small ship cruise vacations.
We sell lasting, memorable cruise experiences!


Premier River Cruises is the foremost travel agency in North America for arranging river and small ship cruise vacations. Here's why!
First, why would you choose Premier to book your river or small ship cruise? Well, start with this little scenario… Imagine strolling along the winding cobble-stoned streets of Arles, France, stopping to enjoy a delicious espresso as you and your companion think about what’s next on your list of fabulous sights... perhaps a candlelit tour through one of the incredible wine caves of the midi region of France. Or day dream about a fantastic cruise on "Ole Miss" — the  Mississippi River — aboard an authentic paddlewheeler visiting the antebellum south, the battlefields of the Civil War, and a visit to Nashville's music scene. During your days’ leisurely excursion (no matter which destination you're reveling in), contemplate the fact that you did NOT have to organize one single aspect of your memorable journey! Now, imagine returning to your luxurious ship, stepping out onto your private balcony to enjoy a glass of the local wine or a mint julep, and thinking — “Life is great!” That's how you'll feel when a Premier River Cruises’ expert works closely with you to arrange every single little detail, ultimately ensuring your cruise vacation is absolutely perfect, no matter what your destination or travel budget.

In a nutshell, that's why you should choose Premier River Cruises as the travel agency to arrange your river or small ship cruise vacation. We are cruise experts whose primary focus is on river and small ship cruise vacations. Of course, there are many more reasons... The Premier River Cruises Team has been in the cruise business since 1984, and as we like to say, we're “Powered by Experience.” It’s that experience that allows us to connect the dots far better than almost any other travel agency, and Premier is the ONLY travel agency specifically selling river and small ship cruise vacations, and no one does it better!

Following are just a few more of the Premier Differences you’ll love when you book with us...
Years and years of cruise and travel experience. Premier's cruise experts have at least 20+ years of experience in cruise travel, as well as experience in traveling! Oftentimes, your expert will have traveled to the places you want to visit and will have been on the cruise ship you're interested in. If they haven’t visited that destination, or been on that ship, you can bet one of our other experts has and can give you the “inside scoop.” You’ll never have to talk to a 25-year-old call center person who thinks the Danube is a polka dance done by “old folks.”

We take all the hassle out of cruise selection, planning, and management.
Your Premier River Cruises' expert is like your own personal travel planner and makes vacation planning easy by eliminating all of the footwork you would otherwise have to do… like surfing the internet for hours, sometimes for days, trying to find a cruise you like and then decipher the offer! Remember, this is your vacation. You shouldn't get stressed planning it! Your Premier expert will always be able to save you valuable time and energy, because they have the experience and knowledge of all the offers available. That knowledge enables them to find exactly what you desire within seconds, making the entire experience incredibly stress-free!

We’ll do everything for you from the moment you contact us.
Your Premier River Cruises’ expert is a 'real, live dedicated travel professional' who understands how important your vacation is and how hard you may have worked to take it. No one on our team has an “agenda” other than to ensure we match you with the right cruise line, ship and destination, at the very best value that ensures you return home with a lifetime of wonderful memories, not nightmares.

Exemplary, unequivocal personal customer service.
We can’t emphasize that enough! With Premier, you’ll always receive unparalleled customer service at each touch point. I guarantee it! Our team is “customer-centric” and that is not merely a gratuitous, lip service word that we use. In today’s world we all have to deal, every day, with awful, uncaring customer service from companies — large and small — who have no clue or don’t care. That is just not right. Period.

We’re asking you to spend a goodly amount of money with us and it’s our job to take good care of you, and we absolutely will. You won’t have to wait two days for a call back or an email in response to a question, or for us to do the job correctly and in a timely fashion. We practice good, old-fashioned “Service 101,” and you’ll immediately reap the benefits of that philosophy! If you’re not satisfied for ANY reason please email us at Premier right away!

We have the best, up-to-the-moment cruise information and the best pricing.
Because Premier River Cruises focusses on selling river cruise and small ship cruise vacations, there’s very little we don’t know about those types of cruises and the destinations you’ll visit. Additionally, because our sole focus is on these two types of cruise vacations, we have a very good relationship with the major river and small ship cruise companies. This unique relationship gives us access to the best prices and in some cases cabins, even when none are otherwise available.

Premier’s Best Price Guarantee.
That’s right… accompanying our best information and best pricing capabilities, we have a best price guarantee. Bottom line, Premier guarantees that the cabin price we sell you will be the lowest published price out there. For complete details visit the Best Price Guarantee page for a complete description of our guarantee.

Yes, we’re also an award-winning travel agency.
As I mentioned above, we’ve been doing this since 1984, and while we don’t like to pound our chest, over the years we’ve won just about every award offered by most of the cruise lines, except Carnival. We now keep them in boxes in the storage room, but you’re more than welcome to ask us about them.

Quick Sail! The BEST last-minute cruise program in the industry.
This exclusive Premier program is custom-tailored for those with plenty of time to travel and are able to travel at the very last minute. We’ve designed Quick Sail to be unique! When you register and let us know your Quick Sail preferences, that helps us focus on exactly what you're looking for. Then, WE CALL YOU with all the details and a special price. It's just another way we try to be more relevant in how we work together with our customers to get them the best river and small ship cruises that best fit their needs, desires, and budget.

Think that about covers it — we hope you're convinced that you’re in “good hands” with one of our Premier river cruise experts. Remember, our goals are to provide you with an exceptional cruise value, AND to ensure we match your needs, wants, and desires with the best possible cruise vacation choice for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. We look forward to helping you book a hassle-free and memorable river or small ship cruise vacation.

Bon Voyage!


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