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Selling Cruise Vacations Since 1984

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If you’re like me, you’re reading the “About Premier” section of our Premier River Cruises site to get a feel for who we are and how we’ll help you find the best information about river cruising, great river cruise values, and ultimately to experience a perfect river cruise vacation — right?

Okay. But, before we tell you why Premier is the best company for you to buy from, let’s discuss a few things YOU should know about, things that we’ve learned over 25+ years of selling cruises. First, travel agents don’t actually create your travel experience although a bad one can sure screw it up quickly. Second, every travel agent in the universe cannot possibly be an expert on every cruise line, every ship, every tour company, every hotel, and each destination — nope, just not possible!

Along those same lines are two other critical areas you should think about as you wade through all the material you need to consider prior to buying your river cruise. The first one is more in the line of a current “myth” and centers on the belief that many people have, which suggests that you get a “better deal” when you deal directly with a cruise line. That is 100% false! Folks, in my 25+ years of owning and operating one of the most successful upscale agencies in North America (CruiseMasters), I have NEVER seen that occur… never… NO NEVER!

We’ve saved the most important point for last, and it’s one of the most essential things you should consider as you move toward buying your river cruise. We find far too many people who buy ONLY for price do not enjoy their first river cruise experience – and that’s a fact. It’s an easy mistake to make when you get bad advice, buy from the wrong company or for the wrong reasons.

While none of us like to overpay and we all want the best deal, it’s truly not the deal that makes for a memorable vacation experience. It’s really all about finding the right cruise to create lasting memories and experiences, isn’t it?

Here’s what we mean:
Let’s say you’ve spent time with one of our Premier River Cruise Experts and they suggest a cruise at $3500 a person and you then go “down the street” and they convince you to buy a different product at $3000 a person, you think: Wow! We just saved almost $1000, right? Possibly! The truth of the matter is that if their recommendation was not the right product for you, then you DID NOT save $1000, you WASTED $6000, and the only memories you’ll have are bad ones. Not the kind of experience you should have had because you chose the wrong company or wrong river cruise for your vacation. This won’t happen, can’t happen, when you book with Premier, I guarantee it!

So… now that we have your attention, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you why you need to book your river cruise vacation with the experts at Premier.

  • First and foremost, at Premier we ONLY sell river cruise & small ship vacations. We probably know more about river cruising than any other travel agency in North America and that’s very important for you. That said, we can also arrange low cost flights, great local hotels, unique sightseeing tours with one of our private guides, or other items to improve the quality of your vacation, but first and formeost we'll match you to the right cruise to fit your lifestyle.
  • Our river cruise specialists are simply the best! The specialist you talk with has a minimum of 15 years of cruise experience. Each specialist knows about all the “deals,” has a wealth of travel knowledge about the world, the river cruise companies, the destinations they serve, and about each of their ships. They will take the time to understand what you want from your trip and find the right cruise and cruise line for you, and that's just the starting point.
  • Our goal is to provide you the best possible river cruise experience. The ones you’ll still be talking about when you’re 85 and sitting in the rocking chair on your veranda. To properly do that we must first; gather insights into your personal needs, wants and travel desires. Then our specialists blend that information with their personal expertise in order to provide you with a few very relevant river cruise suggestions that we promise will always meet or exceed your expectations. Sound good? You bet.
  • No matter if this is your first river cruise [Two must-read articles: Is a River Cruise For You? and River Cruise vs. an Ocean Cruise] or tenth, the key for you is the knowledge and customer service of the company you book with. There is no one selling only river cruises with our experience in providing great values while satisfying discriminating river cruise guests… No one!
  • Others talk about their awards they have won [we too have boxes and boxes of awards], but we stand out because our complete focus is on you and your vacation. Period! We have no hidden agenda other than to match you with the perfect river cruise itinerary, cruise line and accommodations and, oh yes, to ensure you get a great value along the way.
  • You betcha we have a Best Price Guarantee program. Simply stated, we guarantee that no one should have a lower published (Internet or print) price than we do at Premier. You can read all about it by going to the About Premier section of our Website.
  • Our Exclusive COMPASSPOINT™ Guide Series is one of the most important points of distinction between Premier and other travel agencies. Free to Premier's customers, each destination based guide in the series is chock-full of valuable information and hints [written by our staff] that help you plan, prepare, and even pack for your river cruise...right down to what the temperature will be in each place you visit, and best places to shop, it's the only thing you need to feel like an experienced river cruiser - no other travel agency has anything like these guides.
  • Our Remarkable Premier Thoughts Series is exactly as it sounds, our thoughts on each of the key places you will visit on your trip.  It's our Readers Digest view of what you need to do and see to maximize each of your port stops.  It even outlines great local restaurants we've tried and suggest for your visit - again, no other travel agency in America has anything comparable to our exclusive Thoughts Series and one more reason to book with Premier.
  • Our Milestone Events celebration program is the first of its kind in the travel industry. And Premier River Cruises rewards you when you have an event — you know, like a 50th birthday or 25th anniversary — that is truly a Milestone Event! And, when you book and sail on a river cruise during the year of your Milestone Event, Premier will provide you with additional cash savings, special onboard recognition and much, much more. Can you think of a more exciting and memorable way to celebrate with family and friends, or even just a romantic river cruise for the two of you? Check out our Milestone Events section for complete details.

Think that about says it all. I hope you're convinced that you’ll be in “good hands” with our Premier river cruise specialists. Remember, our goals are to provide you with an exceptional river cruise value, AND to ensure we match your needs, wants, and desires with the best possible choice of a river cruise vacation for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message, and we look forward to helping you book a hassle-free and memorable river cruise vacation.

Bon Voyage!

Rick Kaplan
Premier River Cruises

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